AUTO SHANGHAI 2021DENSO motor show exhibition

Press days

April 19th - 20th

Trade days

April 21st - 23rd

Public days

April 24th - 28th

National Exhibition and Convention Center

Carbon Neutral 2035

DENSO to become the world’s first company in the manufacturing industry to achieve carbon neutrality in its business operations by 2035

“Bringing hope for the future for our planet, society and all people”

We have been tackling various challenges to help achieve more efficient and cleaner mobility.

Based on our expertise, we will reduce CO2 emissions from society in three aspects to achieve flexible mobility without an environmental impact: “mobility products,” “manufacturing,” and “energy use.” We will become the world’s first manufacturing company to achieve carbon neutrality in our business operations by 2035.

Specifically, in “mobility products,” we will spread the use of electrification products for HEVs, BEVs, and FCEVs as well as FC products. We will also increase the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines.

In “manufacturing,” we will actively introduce renewable energy and energy-saving equipment. Unavoidable CO2 emissions will be recycled to prevent release from plants.

For efficient “energy use,” we will develop and spread systems for optimally managing overall fleet operations, and for collecting and reusing CO2 in the atmosphere, thereby reducing CO2 emissions from society.

At Auto Shanghai 2021, we will present our solutions for achieving carbon neutrality.

Products to be exhibited

  • Carbon Neutral Vision

    We will introduce our actions in mobility products, manufacturing, and energy use to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035.

  • Energy Management System

    We will introduce our efforts to increase the range, reduce the charging time, and increase the battery efficiency by managing the overall energy of an electric vehicle.

  • ELEXCORE System

    We will introduce electric systems and products to meet the diversifying needs of electric mobility by offering a comprehensive product lineup to meet the market needs.

  • FCEV system related product

    We will introduce the latest system for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), which are fueled by hydrogen, and related products.