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The Super Six: Radiator Service Crimp Team

Meet the Super Six! While the auto industry shut down in the United States and Canada due to COVID pandemic, the radiator service crimp team at our thermal manufacturing facility in Battle Creek, Michigan, continued to deliver essential service parts.

Many government entities in the U.S, Canada and Mexico where DENSO operates issued shelter-in-place orders or similar mandates that paused the North American auto industry. During this time, many of our production facilities continued to produce products deemed essential under local government requirements, such as aftermarket and service parts.

The Super Six was among the essential service teams that continued to work to produce service parts for those who needed them. During this time, they produced more than 2,500 service radiators for 150 different part numbers going back as far as 15-20 model years. They volunteered to work Monday-Friday rather than bring in additional team members. Why? They felt it was safest to limit exposure to others. This demonstrates a tenet of #DENSOspirit to overcome challenges and to collaborate as a team to do right by one another and society.

“This group of highly skilled associates kept a positive attitude throughout the many changes the auto industry dealt with over the past few months. Because the team produces so many part numbers, their focus on proper machine setup and product verification was critical,” said Sam Keller, Manager, Global Standard Radiator at DENSO in Battle Creek. “They did a fantastic job meeting the needs of DENSO’s customers with zero disruption.”

The team is a great example of the DENSO Spirit. This spirit of foresight, credibility and collaboration is shared by our associates around the world, driving them to contribute to the automotive industry and society.

DENSO associates across North America continue to show their support for each other, customers and local communities in many ways, both big and small.

Pictured above is DENSO’s Super Six:

  • Ted Barrus

  • Tami Boyer (Team Leader)

  • Stephanie Brown

  • Jeff Douglas

  • Jeff Higdon

  • John Huerta