Introducing DENSO history, from our establishment until today.

We changed our company name to DENSO, with Nippon (Japan) removed, to make even greater strides as a global company. Today, we are working toward our 2020 goal to "help build a more environmentally friendly and safer society."


DENSO Research Laboratories is opened.

We work on R&D in anticipation of technologies five to 20 years in the future. Our research range from semiconductor materials to micro algae that produce oil.


The DENSO Philosophy is adopted.

A philosophy that meets current needs was adopted by inheriting the spirit of our original mission statement (our corporate philosophy since our founding) to remind ourselves our corporate philosophy to contribute to the world with our technologies and products.


Our new corporate name, DENSO Corporation, is adopted.

To become a truly global company, the company name was changed from Nippondenso to DENSO. (Nippon, the Japanese word for Japan, was removed.)


The "DENSO ECOVISION 2005" environmental management goal is adopted.

DENSO shared the common environmental management goal globally for the first time. We increasingly worked on target-based activities (e.g. reductions in CO2 emissions from business operations, achievement of zero emissions), in addition to environmentally friendly manufacturing.


DENSO Training Academy Thailand, our first overseas regional training center, is established.

A system was established to offer education for engineers and technicians (which had been offered at the global head office) on a regional level.


DENSO Group Long-term Policy 2020 is formed.

Worldwide, 170,000 employees continuously work to contribute to society by developing technologies and products that help preserve the environment and ensure security and safety.