Mid-term Policy

DENSO Group Mid-term Policy 2018 describes the key business fields and functions to reinforce, and the corporate fundamentals we need to strengthen through 2018 in order to achieve the goals of Long-term Policy 2020.

2018 Goal


Business fields to focus in order to solve the current management issues and long-term social issues 

Tree trunk to nourish the fruit

Functions to reinforce to lead and support the expansion of priority businesses 

Soil to support and nurture trees

Corporate fundamentals to strengthen to accomplish business expansion and the reinforcement of functions 

Themes to Promote

Business fields to focus on

We aim to expand businesses in our priority areas of Environment, Security & Safety, Aftermarket & New Business, and Global Market. 

Environment, Security & Safety Create system products that address social issues and help reduce the environmental footprint and traffic accidents.
Aftermarket & New Business Expand aftermarket & new business markets to create new customer value from a social needs and end users' perspective.
Global Market Reinforce the relationship of mutual trust and raise DENSO's presence in each region, so people around the world can enjoy driving and the convenience of vehicles. 

Functions to reinforce

We will reinforce the following functions to lead and support the expansion of priority businesses: "World-first & regional-innovation product," "Outstanding manufacturing competitiveness" and "Management speed." 

World-first & Regional-innovation Product Take on the challenge of advanced technological development that creates the world-first and regional innovation products by realizing regional strengths and community-based wisdom.
Outstanding Manufacturing Competitiveness

Enhance Monozukuri* capability and the global expansion of Dantotsu** through enhanced competitiveness to realize a regional No. 1 production structure, the "Dantotsu" factory.

   *The art of making things
   **Outstanding (far and away the best)

Management Speed Accelerate management speed by promoting global collaboration and changing our way of working to improve the speed of business operations.