Employee Spotlights

DENSO employees across North America show their support for each other, customers and local communities in many ways, both big and small. We understand we’re at our best when working as a team to make improvements, impress our customers and exceed expectations.

These Spotlights show how our teams are putting DENSO Spirit into action.

  • Matthew Johnson

Spotlight on Matthew Johnson: Transferring from Thermal to R&D Engineering

When you work at DENSO, you aren’t confined to one role or team. Our employees have the chance - and are encouraged - to reskill and move to different positions within the company. Here’s what Matthew Johnson, R&D engineer at our North America Research and Engineering Center, had to say about his experience:


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  • Rob Wunsche

Spotlight on Rob Wunsche: From Engineering to Sales to R&D

At DENSO, there’s always opportunities for our employees to rotate into new roles, and even learn new skills to do a different job entirely (reskilling). Rob Wunsche has moved around our organization, going from engineering to sales to research and development (R&D)! Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

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  • Linda Huber

Tenured Employee Spotlight: Linda Huber

Some of our employees have watched us grow from the ground up. Linda Huber, Senior Talent Management Consultant at our Southfield, Mich. facility, started her career with us 1985 - that was before we had even built our North American plants! Here’s what Linda had to say about her experience:

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  • Beth Rollins

Employee Spotlight: Beth Rollins, Excelling in Manufacturing Planning & Women’s Empowerment

All roads lead home. But for Beth Rollins, manager of Excellent Factory (EF) Planning at DENSO in Maryville, Tennessee, all roads lead back to DENSO. After leaving the company in 2012, she returned in 2018.

And she’s making quite an impact. She leads a team responsible for coordinating EF activities across the campus and serves as the engineering function in logistics and warehouse areas. Beth’s dedication to her job and team resulted in a peer nominating her for The Manufacturing Institute’s 2020 STEP Ahead Awards, which annually recognize women in science, technology, engineering and production careers who exemplify leadership within their companies.

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  • Michelle Dermody

Associate Spotlight: Michelle Dermody, Manufacturing and D&I leader

DENSO is committed to diversity and inclusion (D&I) and making its work environments more supportive and welcoming for all. It’s important work led by the DENSO D&I Council, a cross-functional, cross-location team of leaders dedicated to implementing strategies that help us fulfill our D&I mission. Meet one of those leaders: Michelle Dermody, also a director at DENSO’s manufacturing facility in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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  • Matt Agius

Spotlight on Matthew Agius: Reskilling From Design to Electronics Engineering

At DENSO, there are always opportunities for our associates to move around within the organization - after all, we are the makers of mobility! Matthew Agius recently made the move from design engineer to electronics engineering. Here’s what he had to say about reskilling:

“When I was a design engineer in Telematics, I enjoyed my work and team. But the core functionality in a vehicle doesn’t change with each model year, so the system tests and hardware design became repetitive. When my manager came across an opportunity and asked if I’d be interested, I said yes. It was time to try something new and I’m comfortable taking risks."

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  • David Huguley

Employee Spotlight: David Huguley – Quality Engineer, Minister, Change Agent

We all need more hours in the day. But you know who really needs them? David Huguley, a manager of Quality Engineering at DENSO’s North American headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, who on April 3 will celebrate his 26th year at the company.

When he’s not leading Quality Systems Improvement efforts – a demanding task in its own right – you can find him doing a range of things to serve those around him:

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  • Dan Sweeney

Employee Spotlight: Powertrain Veteran Dan Sweeney Retires After 29 Years at DENSO

Dan Sweeney has seen it all. For almost 30 years, he’s been with DENSO through the good – exciting new products and technologies, countless growth opportunities – and the bad – business downturns, a global pandemic. But through it all, Dan has been a committed, hard-working employee who values his colleagues and takes the initiative to make a difference in his career, at DENSO and the world.

Before we bid a fond farewell to Dan – and he begins his international travels with his wife– we wanted to share his DENSO story.

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DENSO New Hire Spotlight: Jami Carpenter

Welcome to the team, Jami Carpenter! Jami recently joined DENSO’s North American team as a Production Control Specialist and is ready to put her strong work ethic into practice.

“I’m driven to want to do a good job,” said Jami. “I always want to learn and expand my capabilities into new areas, and I feel that DENSO creates great opportunities for me to do so.”

Jami became a DENSO associate just as businesses across North America started adapting to combat the effects of COVID-19. While this created new challenges, Jami said that the most important thing to her was that she felt safe working at her facility.

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DENSO New Hire Spotlight: Arthur Cardente

We’re excited to welcome Arthur Cardente to the DENSO team! Arthur is our new Regional Sales Manager for DENSO NA’s Northeast region.

Joining a new company in the midst of COVID-19 can be difficult. But despite the challenges, Arthur shared that one of the benefits of joining a team like DENSO’s was his colleagues’ willingness to help him adjust to his new role.

“Everyone has been truly helpful and more than willing to do whatever is needed for me to gain a better understanding of the day-to-day procedures,” said Arthur.

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DENSO Tenured Associate Spotlight: Karen Croly

When you know, you know. And when it comes to finding “the one,” you don’t let go. Just ask our many tenured employees. Through name changes, shifts in company direction and new, innovative technologies that advance mobility, our tenured employees have shown their DENSO Spirit every step of the way.

Karen Croly, who works within the purchasing department at DENSO’s Southfield facility, has been part of the DENSO family for more than four decades (wow!). She’s one of our longest-tenured employees to date. And while we could tell you all about Karen’s time at DENSO -- how she’s grown her career, how her colleagues have become family (literally) -- we thought who better to tell you about her experience than Karen herself.

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DENSO Spirit Spotlight: Ravi Vadapalli

Venkata Ravisankar Vadapalli (Ravi, for short), a technical lead for DENSO’s phone-as-a-key (PaaK) project, was laser focused on making the development process run effectively when the team of 15+ engineers were working remotely.

The PaaK project started in 2017 with the goal of replacing traditional car key fobs with a customer’s smartphone to start the vehicle. Pretty cool, right? 

While the first PaaK technology produced by DENSO entered the market in 2020, DENSO has continued to enhance the software. This is what Ravi’s team, BES2 (Body Electronic Systems2) Ford PaaK Team, was working on when COVID-19 hit.

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Legacy Employee/Associate Spotlight: Dwayne Taylor

We are so grateful for the people who make careers for themselves at DENSO. These individuals repeatedly show the values key to DENSO Spirit -- foresight, credibility and collaboration -- and continually strive to make DENSO a great place to work, all while delivering exemplary service to our customers and communities.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of DENSO’s longest-serving associates/employees. They’ll share what drew them to DENSO and more importantly, why they’ve stayed.

Meet Dwayne Taylor. Dwayne first joined DENSO’s Southfield, Mich. location back in 1986!

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DENSO New Hire Spotlight: Christian Widgren

Welcome to DENSO’s North American team, Christian! Christian relocated from one of DENSO’s European facilities just as countries implemented travel bans to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Originally from Bolivia, Christian was working for DENSO in Germany before he relocated to the U.S. It took him several months to make it over, but Christian’s positive, collaborative attitude throughout the process was immediately noticed by his supervisor. In his new role, Christian is a senior sales planning specialist, focusing on business operations and planning for DENSO in North America. 

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DENSO Co-op Spotlight: Jonathan Garcia

Each year, students from top engineering colleges and universities across the country - Stanford, Ohio State, and University of Michigan to name a few - join the DENSO Co-op program for the opportunity to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and put it to work.

Meet Jonathan Garcia, a senior at Cal Poly Pomona studying mechanical engineering.

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  • Julianne Cinoman

DENSO Co-op Spotlight: Julianne Cinoman

Julianne Cinoman just completed DENSO’s Co-op program in Maryville, Tenn. She learned how to use several of the production machines on the plant floor, and was even able to run tests and make changes on them to continually improve the process (which she says was the best part!).

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  • Louis Remynse

DENSO New Hire Spotlight: Louis Remynse

Welcome (back) to Louis Remynse! Louis began his internship with DENSO in May, returning for a second consecutive year for more opportunities to learn and grow.

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  • Christine Quast

DENSO New Hire Spotlight: Christine Quast

Since March, we’ve had a number of new faces join the DENSO family across North America. Because of the global pandemic, we have not always had the opportunity to meet and greet these talented individuals face-to-face. Over the coming weeks, we will spotlight some of our newest employees and hear directly from them what it was like to start a new job at DENSO during the coronavirus outbreak.

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  • Sergio Pujols

Sergio Pujols Helps DENSO Deliver Respirator Components in 25 Days

DENSO was able to help one of our customers deliver medical equipment components from concept to production in 25 days. Sergio Pujols, director of research and development at DENSO’s North American headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, and one of the project leaders, shares how we did it.

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  • NAITS recognition

North American IT Team Completes Mission Impossible

DENSO’s North American IT (NAITS) team was in the middle of executing mission impossible: transitioning its North American infrastructure from Lotus Notes to Microsoft O365. No obstacle is too great for the NAITS team – even a global pandemic.

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  • Super Six Team

The Super Six: Radiator Service Crimp Team

Meet the Super Six! The radiator service crimp team at DENSO’s thermal manufacturing facility in Battle Creek, Mich., continued to deliver essential service parts even while the auto industry shutdown due to COVID-19.

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  • Bill Autry

Britt Autry: A Man on a Mission

As automakers slowed production of vehicles due to COVID-19, Britt Autry, vice president of manufacturing at DENSO’s Maryville, Tenn. operations, came together with other executives to chart a new course for their employees and plant operations.

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