COVID-19 Information

Temporary Benefit Changes    

COVID-19 tests that are medically necessary are fully covered for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) members as long as the federal public health emergency mandate is in place. Tests are only covered if approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and ordered by a health care provider.

COVID-19 Test Site Finder 

Use the Premise Health COVID-19 Test Site Finder to search for coronavirus testing locations in your area.

COVID-19 At-home Test Options    

It’s important to use all of the tools available to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 infection. Self-tests can be used at home or anywhere, are easy to use and produce rapid results.

Visit for test resources.

BCBSM Testing Reimbursement

Associates covered on a DENSO medical plan are also eligible to receive reimbursement for rapid tests. Detailed instructions are available from the BCBSM COVID-19 website.

Vaccine Finder

Search for vaccines in your area or contact your local DENSO Family Health Center (DFHC).

COVID-19 Treatment

If you are on a DENSO health care plan and you get treated for COVID-19, you will need to pay your member cost share (copay, deductible, coinsurance). Those costs will be added to your out-of-pocket maximum (OOPM) accumulation for the calendar year.

Behavioral Health Systems (BHS) is covering some outpatient telepsych services for all covered members.

BHS Services and Resources:

BHS Telepsych Services

BHS Online Services

Virtual Recovery Meetings for Ongoing Support

CARES Act Changes 

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) was signed into law on March 27, 2020. The CARES Act was created to provide assistance to Americans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes the following provisions that affect the DENSO benefit plans.

> OTC Items as Eligible Expenses - Over-the-counter (OTC) medications have been permanently reinstated as items eligible for reimbursement from Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) without the need for a prescription. Menstrual care products were added to the list of eligible OTC items as part of the new legislation. These changes are retroactive to January 1, 2020.

DENSO Retirement Savings Plan Changes:

Response to CARES Act rev 04.29.2020

Update on 401(k) CARES Act