DENSO Celebrates Three Milestone Product Anniversaries

- 20, 50 and 60 year anniversaries for three DENSO products - 

Nov. 1, 2017 News Releases

LONG BEACH, Calif. – DENSO Corp. is celebrating three anniversaries in 2017 – 2018. Its first spark plug was manufactured nearly 60 years ago and today spark plugs are still a key element in DENSO’s product line. Iridium plug production has been going strong for 20 years and DENSO Robotics is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Today DENSO is producing spark plugs in five plants across the globe and has responded to changing engine and market requirements to continue to develop spark plugs that meet the evolving needs of OE and aftermarket customers. Total spark plug production in the 60-year time span will reach 6 billion pieces.

DENSO Iridium spark plugs, which are designed to meet increasing performance and longevity requirements worldwide, made their first appearance in 1997. Iridium plug production reached 1 billion pieces.

Back in 1967 Robotics was relatively primitive, but DENSO began developing state-of-the-art controllers, software and industrial robots that would change the face of automation. Today DENSO is seen as an innovative leader in the field of robotics. More than 18,000 DENSO small industrial robots employed are being used in the company’s own manufacturing facilities and more than 77,000 additional DENSO robots are being used by other companies throughout the world.

“DENSO has a demonstrated its commitment to all of the markets it enters,” said Joe Mejaly, senior vice president of DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc. “These anniversaries are proof of not only our commitment but to the quality of the products we design and manufacture.

“Of course these milestones would not have been possible without the support of the companies and people who continue to use our products. We thank them for their ongoing support and pledge to continue to provide high quality products for them into the future.”

About DENSO in North America

DENSO is a leading global automotive supplier of advanced technology, systems and components in the areas of thermal, powertrain control, electronics and information and safety. With its North American headquarters located in Southfield, Michigan, DENSO employs more than 23,000 people at 30 consolidated companies and affiliates across the North American region. Of these, 28 are manufacturing facilities located in the United States, Canada and Mexico. In the United States alone, DENSO employs more than 17,000 people in Alabama, Arkansas, California, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. DENSO’s North American consolidated sales totaled US$9.6 billion for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017. For more information, go to Connect with DENSO on Facebook at