Safety First Means Safety for Everyone: A Message from DENSO’s North American CEO Kenichiro Ito

Jun. 18, 2020

At DENSO, we built our foundation on Safety First. That principle extends beyond any production line or product design – it also means safety from prejudice and discrimination, as well as safety to grow and succeed.


First, let me be clear: racism and inequality, and the injustice that comes with it, has no place at DENSO.


Our employees, customers, business and community partners must know that DENSO’s Safety First commitment includes making our workplaces more inclusive and contributing to communities where people feel welcomed, valued, respected and heard.


At DENSO, when we encounter a safety hazard, we rely on our DENSO Spirit values to help eliminate it. Our approach to creating a more inclusive workplace and helping communities become more equitable will be no different.


We are strengthening this work by having more conversations centered on the experiences of employees who are most impacted by the injustices of prejudice – to learn from them and to learn how we can be better allies and support them. This means opening up ourselves to sometimes uncomfortable dialogues, in addition to deep, empathetic listening.


I am counting on these conversations to guide our next steps and how DENSO can improve.  I am also counting on our employees to join me in this commitment to listening, to growing, and to helping shape a better workplace and world – for everyone.


Thank you,

Kenichiro Ito
North American Chief Executive Officer