Electronics Platform

Today’s vehicles have an ever-increasing number of electronic components and electronic control units (ECUs). DENSO’s Electronics Platform effectively integrates all of these components, thereby expanding the vehicle functionality and integration with emerging services.



Efficient Electronic Integration

For effective coordination of the many vehicle electronics components and ECUs that are intricately connected by wire harnesses, DENSO offers an integrated electronics system based on the vehicle’s existing architecture. To do this, DENSO classifies the vehicle functions by purpose, condition, and equipment, and then categorizes each into a unique domain and hierarchy. This helps to prevent any single change from compromising the entire electronics infrastructure. It also facilitates development, ensures efficiency in adding and updating functions, and enables the integration of multiple systems.



Overlay Network Technology

In some cases, electronic components and ECUs that are categorized into domains by a logical architecture are connected to a restricted vehicle network which can pose challenges. For example, some wire harnesses may be physically constrained by their installed position. To solve this, DENSO has developed an overlay network technology that is independent of the physical layout. This allows components that are connected to a single wire harness, for example, to be linked to a virtual independent network. The outcome is greater flexibility, development efficiency and the smooth integration of all relevant electronic vehicle components.