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DENSO’s COVID-19 Safety Protocols at Work

At DENSO, we built our foundation on Safety First.
That is why when the COVID-19 pandemic began we quickly put countermeasures in place across our North American campuses to help mitigate risks of the virus.

This included the rapid development and implementation of a Risk Minimization Toolkit and phased Return-to-Work Protocol, which required such safety measures as increased remote work, thermal screenings at our entrances, face coverings, social distancing, barriers where distancing was difficult and more.

We continue to update our protocols and approach as situations at our facilities change and as we learn more from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, medical professionals and our Safety, Health and Environment teams across the region.

Health screening section

Prior to entering any DENSO facility, you must fill out health questionnaire asking if you have any COVID-19 symptoms. If you are not experiencing any, you pass through for a thermal screening, where thermal imaging cameras can detect if you have a fever. If your temperature reading shows signs of a fever or if you exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms during this process, DENSO requires that you visit a medical office or doctor for testing. After successfully passing the screening, you may enter the building.

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      Social distancing

    • safety-protocols-img-health-02

      Thermal screening at entrances

    • safety-protocols-img-health-03

      Face coverings provided

Prior to entering DENSO, you must fill out health questionnaire asking if you have any symptoms. If no, you pass through thermal screening. We installed thermal imaging cameras that can detect fevers. If you have any symptoms, we send you to medical office or doctor for testing. If no symptoms, you may enter.

Additional Safety Protocols

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      Barriers in place when physical distancing isn’t possible

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      Face coverings required at all times in facility to mitigate risk

    • safety-protocols-img-safety-03

      Social distancing is required in shared spaces, like cafeteria

    • safety-protocols-img-safety-04

      Doors previously required to stay closed are propped open to reduce risk of highly touched areas

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      Social distancing to be maintained throughout facility

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      Sanitization stations available throughout facilities

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