DENSO in Vietnam

DENSO in Vietnam

2001 established

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DENSO in Vietnam

DENSO Manufacturing Vietnam was established on 4th October, 2001 (got official license) at Thang Long Industrial Park, Dong Anh Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam.

Monozukuri activities in DENSO Vietnam

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Introduce Monozukuri activities in DENSO Vietnam

At DENSO Vietnam, “Monozukuri” is the creation of products that craft DENSO’s value and to realize by combining human skills with technology harmonically through human-making. With technological strengths that maximizes delicacy manipulation skill as the unique characteristics of Vietnamese people and features of machines, one by one is working with pride and highest responsibility to create products of the world quality level. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products, to bring happy lives to our employees, and to contribute to society. 

2,783 dedicated employees

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Breaking through your boundaries, trusting our potential to leverage our capacities.

At DENSO VIETNAM, we believe in and respect creativity of each employee who are making best efforts days and nights to contribute to the innovative technology products, and create optimum components and equipment for a civilized and friendly life.


DENSO CSR in Vietnam

We will actively contribute towards the development of a sustainable society.

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    Social Contribution

    Sharing business benefits for the development of community is the selected direction of DENSO Vietnam. Since starting days, company has realized this orientation by many practical and meaningful activities.

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    Environment Preservation

    Together with continuous development of the economy, we are committed to building a clean factory without polluting environment. We always look toward a socio-economy of reusing resources as well as reserving environment.

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    Traffic Safety

    Let's take action to create a society that ensures security and safety and where people live in happiness!