DENSO in Czech Republic

DENSO in Czech Republic

Established in 2001

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Quality as an integral part

At DENSO Manufacturing Czech, the Quality Department laboratory went through three important milestones. It first saw the light of the day in 2002 when it was erected as a part of the new plant. At that time the laboratory served the needs of mass production only. Then in 2011/2012 both in-house needs and customer requirements resulted in first reconstruction. And the last milestone is the reconstruction that we finished in 2016 - the opening of the new laboratory that has consolidated series and pre-series laboratories. In the other Czech DENSO facilities quality too is an integral part of all activities.

Tradition of engineering

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Design Center looks at all the angles

The Czech Republic has a long tradition of having a strong engineering industry. The task of the design center is to design and engineer components to the specified customer and internal requirements on quality, manufacturability, cost and delivery time. Each of our four DENSO facilities in the Czech Republic delivers on these requirements.

Over 3,000 Employees at three locations

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Training at the core of development

The primary function of a Training Center is mainly to provide our employees with adequate technical training in various positions, thus bolstering the performance of each section with the aim of getting as close to the set benchmark as possible. This is one of the reasons why the Training Center at DENSO Manufacturing Czech and other DENSO facilities in the Czech Republic is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, which are used here for educational purposes.

DENSO in Europe

Established in 1972

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Continuous expansion throughout Europe

Since the Dutch had already introduced Japanese culture into European society in the 17th century, DENSO’s first representative office was established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1972. One year later its regional headquarters, Nippondenso Europe (now DENSO International Europe), was established in Weesp. Since then DENSO Europe has expanded to include sales and manufacturing companies across the region. 

Powered by Diversity

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Diversity in languages, cultures, and locations

DENSO has 29 official group companies in over 40 locations in Europe (as of March 31, 2016).
A total of 15 languages are spoken across DENSO’s European network, with a diversity of cultures and backgrounds from North to South and East to West that strengthens DENSO’s competitive advantage.

16,254 Employees in 39 Sites, meeting local needs in Europe

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Winning customers’ trust and being a reliable supplier, DENSO Europe expands its footprint to be close to its clients. DENSO also emphasizes human development to improve and strive for a better future.  



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Foundation Stone

On November 13th, 2001 the foundation stone of the DENSO Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. production plant was laid. The ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of Czech Republic Milos Zeman, the representatives of Czech invest government agency as well as by Liberec region and Liberec City Council authorities. After the construction works were finished in May 2003, the installation of production technology was initiated and large-scale recruitment began. Soon, the trial operation of the plant began and the first projects were launched.


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First serial production

At the beginning of April 2003 the first serial production was started on the air-conditioning unit assembly line.


QMS certification & official opening

A year later in April 2004 DENSO Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. successfully passed certification of quality system and on May 5, 2004 the certificate of quality systems according ISO/TS 16949:2002 was obtained. That same month the official opening of DENSO Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. at a ceremony attended by the Prime Minister of Czech Republic, Vladimir Spidla.


Visit of the President of the Czech Republic

On May 20, 2005 DENSO Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. was honored with a visit from Vaclav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic. The company was presented to him at a time when new projects were being launched and new associates recruited. On December 23, 2005 DENSO Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. received a Permanent Operation Permit from the local building authority thus successfully completing the Temporary Operation phase.


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A year filled with highlights

On May 31st 2007 DENSO Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. passed the Environmental Management System (EMS) certification audit and by receiving the certification according to ISO 14001:2005 successfully completed the implementation phase of EMS into its operations. The same year, the company received the DENSO President's Award of Outstanding Performance in 2006, an award from the Health Ministry of the Czech Republic for being a Health Promoting Company, and the Human Resources Excellence Award from the Czech Association for Human Resources Development. In October of 2007, both the Rehabilitation Center and the Design Center were opened.


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First customer award

Customer Toyota Peugeot Citroen Automobiles (TPCA) acknowledged DENSO Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. with the Supplier Performance Award 2008.


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More awards

The Automotive Industry Association of the Czech Republic acknowledged DENSO Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. for being the best supplier to the Car of the Year. Volkswagen Group awarded the company in the area of car air-conditioning.


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Laboratory opening

The Quality Assurance Laboratory was opened with a ceremony.


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Part of Toyota's best suppliers

DENSO Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. was named Toyota Core Group of the Year 2013/2014.


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Expanding & award winning

In order to respond to the increase in car sales in Europe and related long-term growth of orders DENSO Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. is expanding its plant by 8 400 m² and will increase efficiency of the current production. Expansion works started on 15 June 2015, completion (commissioning) was done on 1 May 2016. Plant expansion is a part of company´s long-term policy, so called "Vision 2020" that also includes a "DANTOTSU" project (freely translated as "the best of the best"). The basic concept of this project is Simple, Smooth and Visual. Based on this philosophy DENSO is going to adjust the current shop floor so that the material-information flow of each line is simple and smooth.
This year, DENSO Manufacturing Czech s.r.o. also was acknowledged with the „Self Reliant Supplier Award“ by Toyota.