Be "white engine" drivers.

Ignite your dreams.

What fuels your passion?
How do you maximize the power of your dreams?
In the same way that energy enables mobility, dreams propel us forward,
woven into the stories that we tell - stories that inspire people to rise above challenges and reach new heights.

How do you see the new world?
At DENSO we believe that if you can visualize that world clearly in your mind, then you can build the road to get to it.

We share stories of how we’re paving the way to a future with greater well-being.
We hope that every story sparks curiosity in everyone who reads it and ignites our collective drive to create a brighter future.


  • Mayor of Ine Town, Kyoto Prefecture Hideki Yoshimoto

  • Automotive & Life Solutions Division, DENSO Corporation Koichi Sugiyama