Changing your "Can'ts" into "Cans"

Changing your 'Can'ts" into "Cans"

When you want to grow, realize your dreams, and see a better world, and you have the longing to try but you just can't get started.

The first step is the hardest. Knowing this, DENSO wanted to create a place where we could give a push, something that would be a kick-start.

Change your "Can'ts" into "Cans" Join like-minded people to go beyond and make things happen.

When various people achieve something new, These are the moments the world takes a step forward.

What Future Are You Driven towards?

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We aspire to create media that brings fresh surprises, insights, and an exhilarating sense of connection. That's why we proudly launched DRIVEN BASE, DENSO's owned media platform.
The term "DRIVEN" implies being motivated by something. Such as the phrase data-driven which is commonly used to describe decision-making through using data. However, driven also conveys the idea of "working tirelessly to achieve something" or "making a meaningful impact on the world through something." It perfectly encapsulates the essence of DENSO's owned media.
In collaboration with individuals from diverse backgrounds, we are determined to turn "Can'ts" into "Cans." Embracing various "driven" initiatives, we will unite our hearts toward an exciting future. We envision this DRIVEN BASE as the catalyst for such transformation.
Welcome to DRIVEN BASE, where knowledge and people gather.
What future are you driven towards?

Junki Sakaguchi "Editor-in-Chief, DRIVEN BASE"