Driving Control and Safety Products Airbag System

Airbag Systems are Supplemental Restraint Systems that support Seatbelts during accidents. Located inside the steering wheel, instrument panel and/or side pillars, airbags instantly inflate to protect drivers and passengers. The Airbag ECU transmits a command signal after a sensor detects a collision of sufficient strength. Since a malfunction during a collision or normal driving could be fatal, precision detection is essential. For added reliability, DENSO also develops advanced related systems such as safety devices that adjust airbags depending on the characteristics of the seated occupant. 


Accelerometer for Air Bag System

Satellite G Sensor

Airbag Electronic Control Unit

Pedestrian Collision Detection Sensor

The Pedestrian Collision Detection Sensor detects head-on collisions with pedestrians, enabling the Pop-up Hood to operate more accurately. Located in the front bumper, it consists of a hollow polyethylene housing and two pressure sensors that detect increased pressure in the housing. If a pedestrian collides with the front bumper within a predetermined speed range, the hood pops up at the moment of collision.

Passenger Detection Sensor

The Passenger Presence Sensor detects the presence of a person in the front passenger seat. Combined with a Seatbelt Warning Lamp, it does not turn on the seatbelt reminder unless someone is sitting in the front passenger seat.