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The Starter is a motor to start the engine. In order to start the engine, the Starter pinion gear is engaged with the engine ring gear to transmit the rotation of the Starter motor to the engine. DENSO's starters are smaller but offer higher power by using a small motor with a speed reduction gear train.


The Alternator is an alternating-current generator to supply the electricity necessary for the vehicle. The engine rotation is transmitted to the alternator via a belt, which rotates the alternator rotor to generate power. The alternator rectifier converts the direct alternating current into direct current to power the headlights, audio system, windshield wipers, battery, and other devices.

Battery Pack

To improve fuel efficiency, Stop/Start Systems automatically stop the engine when the vehicle becomes stationary, such as while waiting for traffic lights. Combined with a Stop/Start System, the Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (a set of rechargeable lithium-ion cells) further increases fuel efficiency.
Vehicles have an engine-drive Electric Generator to power their various electrical systems.
Energy captured during deceleration and braking, which is normally lost as heat, can be used to generate electricity and thus save fuel energy. The Lithium-Ion Battery Pack stores this electricity, and is used in combination with a lead-acid battery for conventional internal combustion engine vehicles.