DENSO in France

DENSO in France

Established in 1985

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35 years and counting

In 1985, DENSO Europe established a French representative office in Jouy-en-Josas in order to start the promotion of its products to French customers. By gradually developing systems and products for its customers, DENSO Sales France S.A.R.L. become established as a registered company in France in 1995. As of June 1st, 2018, DENSO Sales France S.A.R.L. is renamed to DENSO Automotive France S.A.R.L.

Innovation as our mission

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French automotive industry, one of the largest in the world

The French automotive industry is innovative and partner up with a wide variety of joint-ventures around the world. DENSO France is working hard to lead this very diverse multi-cultural set of customers by pulling together DENSO's state-of-the-art global assets to support its customers’ "local" needs wherever they are, while considering the global picture.

59 Employees

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Meeting local needs through diversity

Located in France, DENSO always provides close support to its customers by supplying a variety of local services, e.g. OE Sales, Quality, Engineering, Aftermarket and Industrial Solutions such as Robotics. DENSO France is a young and diverse team from all over the world, working in a modern and relaxed working environment. DENSO France is a good example of DENSO’s high diversity and expertise.

DENSO in Europe

Established in 1972

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Continuous expansion throughout Europe

Since the Dutch had already introduced Japanese culture into European society in the 17th century, DENSO’s first representative office was established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1972. One year later its regional headquarters, Nippondenso Europe (now DENSO International Europe), was established in Weesp. Since then DENSO Europe has expanded to include sales and manufacturing companies across the region.

Powered by Diversity

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Diversity in languages, cultures, and locations

DENSO has 29 official group companies in over 40 locations in Europe (as of March 31, 2016).
A total of 15 languages are spoken across DENSO’s European network, with a diversity of cultures and backgrounds from North to South and East to West that strengthens DENSO’s competitive advantage.

16,254 Employees in 39 Sites

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Meeting local needs in Europe

Winning customers’ trust and being a reliable supplier, DENSO Europe expands its footprint to be close to its clients. DENSO also emphasizes human development to improve and strive for a better future.



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Establishment of DENSO representative office in France

DENSO established an office in France (Jouy-en-Josas – 78) with main focus on the French market.


DENSO Sales France S.A.R.L. is created

With growing activity in France, DENSO France increased and became a S.A.R.L. company.


DENSO France expands with thermal activities

Following DENSO’s acquisition of an Italian thermal branch, DENSO France welcomed a new thermal engineering team.


DENSO Sales France, new office in Guyancourt

DENSO France moved to new building in Guyancourt, in the automotive technology center, and closed to our customers.


Launch of Aftermarket activity for the French market

DENSO hired a new team to answer demands of parts for the Aftermarket.



DENSO AMIS “After Market and Industrial Solutions” decided to developed their Robotic activity specific for the French Market.

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DENSO Aftermarket moves to a new location

DENSO Aftermarket opened a location in Gennevilliers (North of Paris) including warehouse to expand their activity.


Renaming of Company Name

As of June 1st, 2018 DENSO Sales France S.A.R.L. is renamed DENSO Automotive France S.A.R.L.