Research & Development

Researchers and developers at DENSO's global R&D focus their collaborative R&D efforts on environment, security and safety. Outside of Japan, they work in six technical/design centers (in Europe, the U.S, China, India, Asia and South America).

They design and develop diverse products ranging from automobile components (powertrains, thermal systems, system components for ECUs, IT security) to medical and agricultural products through the application of cutting-edge technology. These efforts include the development and refinement of underlying and related technologies, as well as mass-production technology. DENSO engineers and designers work in wide-ranging fields such as mechanics, electronics, IT, chemistry, physics and semiconductors etc. and this accumulated expertise empowers them to develop breakthrough innovations.

DENSO researchers and developers engage in advanced product development from the early planning phase to meet the needs of global customers, and go beyond their expectations. They develop the latest technologies from each region to meet the needs of our global customers.

Our engineers incorporate the latest technologies from Silicon Valley so they can create advanced highly competitive technologies and products that are stringently tested and evaluated under actual vehicle usage conditions (temperature etc.). In anticipation of coming advances in our globally connected society, product development must continuously advance. Committed to taking on new challenges, DENSO engineers work with global partners to conduct research and develop breakthrough products that inspire the world.