Automotive Service Parts and Accessories in India

DENSO provides automotive service parts based on our expertise as a leading global supplier to all major automakers in India.

Every component that leaves our factories has been designed with precision, manufactured to OE standards and subjected to rigorous performance parameters. The OE-standard quality and reliability of DENSO aftermarket components provides a tremendous value to our customers. We make parts that are designed for Indian weather conditions and contribute to safer and more fuel efficient driving, and also automotive accessories that enhance the pleasure of your car experience.

These products are available to you through our wide network of Sales and Service Dealers located all across Indian region.

4 Wheeler Application

Maintenance Parts

  • Spark Plug  574 x 354

Spark Plug

DENSO has been setting up the standard for spark plug technology. It is world’s leading pioneers of OEM quality spark plugs. For decades, DENSO Spark Plugs have had a strong reputation for Innovation and quality, trusted by all major global auto manufacturers. We have a wide range of spark plugs for just about every application and purposes including – passenger cars and trucks, motorcycles and power sports, racing, marine, Industrial and small engines. No matter what kind of spark plug you need, DENSO meets all the requirements and more. We also provide this outstanding OE quality to the Aftermarket. In India, DENSO spark plug range available includes Nickel, Iridium Power & Nickel-TT plugs.

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  • Air Filter

    Air Filter

    DENSO Air Filter removes impurities contained in the air such as dust and foreign particles to supply clean air (intake) to the engine.   more

  • Cabin Air Filter

    Cabin Air Filter

    DENSO Cabin Air Filter engineered for optimal airflow and filtration, up to five layers of filter media are used to trap impurities such as soot, dirt and dust down to just 0.001 microns in size.  more

  • Green Cabin Air Filter

    Green Cabin Air Filter

    In addition to what a pollen CAF does, activated carbon layer of the filter removes foul-smelling exhaust gases and other odours, while the anti-viral chemicals on the filter  suppresses the growth of viruses on the filter.   more

  • Oil Filter

    Oil Filter

    Oil Filter plays an important part in protecting your engine from premature wear and tear by cleaning out any foreign particle from the lubricating oil, as well as keeping the sliding portions clean.  more

  • Diesel Fuel Filter

    Diesel Fuel Filter

    In the strong diesel marketplace, DENSO Diesel Filters meets the aftermarket’s requirements with same OE quality product. Highly efficient for removing diesel particulate matter or soot from the fuel, resulting in more complete regeneration at certain temperatures.   more

  • Relay


    DENSO has a wide experience of supplying Automotive Relay to the OE manufacturer. The same performance and durability are available in Aftermarket business. It precisely engineered to meet the most stringent OE standards for shock resistance, arcing and thermal protection.   more

  • Wiper Rubber

    Wiper Rubber

    DENSO Wiper Rubber is a unique product concept. If don't get satisfactory wiping performance, you will need to replace wiper blade, whereas in most of the cases caused by rubber part only. more

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Repair Parts

  • Starter


    The durability and high capacity of DENSO Starters ensure that even the most demanding engines can be started – under all circumstances and weather conditions.   more

  • Alternator


    DENSO Alternator ensure that light weight, high efficiency and durability under the most grueling conditions makes them the preferred choice.   more

  • Fuel Pump

    Fuel Pump

    DENSO proven technology provides the high quality products and convenience to the customers. This is why our pumps are chosen as standard equipment by the world’s most demanding OEM’s, especially for their premium vehicles.   more

  • Engine Cooling Module

    Engine Cooling Module (Fan assembly)

    DENSO Engine Cooling Module are engineered, developed & validated to meet all OE as well as Aftermarket requirements, to ensure durability and quality of the product.   more

  • Condenser Fan Motor

    Condenser Fan Motor (Print Motor)

    A condenser fan motor is an electric powered fan that introduces fresh air to cool the condenser where located outside the engine compartment and is attached directly behind the radiator.   more

  • Power Window Motor

    Power Window Motor

    Most consumers prefer cars with power windows. Power window motors are mechanisms installed inside of the car door which control the function of the window glass enabling them to go up and down.   more

  • Ignition Coil

    Ignition Coil

    DENSO developed the auto industry’s first compact stick-type ignition coil. The space-saving design, since adopted by many of the world’s leading automakers, requires no high-tension ignition cable, fitting neatly into the engine’s spark plug bore.   more

Air Conditioner Parts

  • Condenser


    DENSO’s Condensers are designed and manufactured to integrate seamlessly with the Vehicle’s original Air Conditioning System. DENSO condensers match up to OE standard at every aspects.      more

  • Evaporator


    As a leader in the development of innovative evaporator technology, DENSO offers the highest grade aftermarket products for a variety of applications.    more

  • Compressor


    All users expects a comfortable cabin on every journey in all weathers.  DENSO is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of original Thermal products and Air Conditioning Components.            more

  • Expansion Valve

    Expansion Valve

    Expansion valve causes rapid refrigerant expansion by injecting high-temperature, high-pressure liquid refrigerant through a small orifice, in effect creating a low-temperature, low-pressure mist refrigerant.   more

  • Dryer


    Modulator (Gas-Liquid Separator) is the equivalent of a sub-cool system receiver with a desiccant and filter built into the condenser. This mechanism allows the user to replace only the internal desiccant, called the dryer.   more


  • Plasmacluster

    Plasmacluster Ion Generator (PCI)

    Developed in collaboration with Sharp Corporation to make air conditioning more comfortable. Plasmacluster is a trademark of Sharp Corporation.   more 

  • Horn

    Compact Full Power Tone Horn

    ‘’DENSO Compact Full Power Tone Horn’’ is globally known for :

    • Superior Sound Quality

    • Long Lasting Reliability

    • Compact & Universal Fitment

    • Value for Money

  • Electric Horn Power Tone

    Electric Horn Power Tone

    "DENSO Waterproof Power Tone Horn'' is globally known for:

    • High Quality, Luxurious Sound

    • Waterproof Specifications

    • Make you feel proud

    • Universal Fitment

Commercial Vehicle Application

  • Bus Air Conditioner

    Bus Air Conditioner

    DENSO is a global market leader in developing and manufacturing advanced Bus Air Conditioning systems. We have more than 50 years technology in the demanding arena of bus thermal and air quality management.   more

2 Wheeler Application

Maintenance Parts

  • 2W_Spark Plug_iridium Power 2

    Spark Plug - Iridium Power

    DENSO Iridium Power Plugs, World’s ultra fine Iridium centre electrode of 0.4mm dia delivers maximum spark energy withstanding high temperature. Globally recognized for enhanced engine performance, faster acceleration and superb fuel consumption.   more

Repair Parts

  • Alternating Generator_Magneto

    Alternating Current Generator (Magneto)

    A magneto is an electrical generator that uses permanent magnets to produce alternating current. It functions in regulating ignition timing, distributing current to ignition system of motorcycle engines, charging current into battery, and distributing current to lighting system of motorcycle.      more


Industrial Application

Spark Plug

  • Gas Spark Plug_Iridium Saver

    Gas Spark Plug - Iridium Saver

    DENSO offers a higher-efficiency longer-life, exclusively designed for Gas Engine applications. The unique and specialist technology used in Iridium Saver range gives extra durability, making them ideal for high-compression lean-burn engines, while also help to maximize engine performance.       more