Automotive Service Parts and Accessories in India

Automotive Service Parts and Accessories in India

DENSO provides automotive service parts based on our expertise as a leading global supplier to all major automakers in India.

Every component that leaves our factories has been designed with precision, manufactured to OE standards and subjected to rigorous performance parameters. The OE-standard quality and reliability of DENSO aftermarket components provides a tremendous value to our customers. We make parts that are designed for Indian weather conditions and contribute to safer and more fuel efficient driving, and also automotive accessories that enhance the pleasure of your car experience.

These products are available to you through our wide network of Sales and Service Dealers located all across Indian region.

Passenger Vehicles Application

Maintenance Parts for Passenger Vehicles - 4W

    Spark Plug

    DENSO has been setting up the standard for spark plug technology. It is world’s leading pioneers of OEM quality spark plugs. For decades, DENSO Spark Plugs have had a strong reputation for Innovation and quality, trusted by all major global auto manufacturers. We have a wide range of spark plugs for just about every application and purposes including – passenger cars and trucks, motorcycles and power sports, racing, marine, Industrial and small engines. No matter what kind of spark plug you need, DENSO meets all the requirements and more.
    We also provide this outstanding OE quality to the Aftermarket. In India, DENSO spark plug range available includes Nickel, Iridium Power, Iridium Saver (Gas Engines) & Nickel-TT plugs.

    Oil Filter

    Oil filter plays the dual role of cleaning out any foreign particle from the lubricating oil, as well as keeping the sliding portions clean. We manufacture and supply a large share of oil filters to the automobile manufacturers and After-Market.

    Benefits & Advantages:

    • Higher filtration efficiency.

    • Better Anti-drainback

    • Stronger and more durable (Pressure Resistance)

    • Pre-lubricated molded O-ring provides superior sealing over generic filters.

    • Protects engines against contaminants

    • Prevents rough starts caused by oil draining out of the engine while vehicle is turned off.

    • Traps contaminants for increased engine protection.

    Cabin Air Filter

    DENSO’s Cabin Air Filter offers aftermarket customers a wide range of OE quality product, engineered for optimal airflow and filtration, up to five layers of filter media are used to trap impurities such as soot, dirt and dust down to just 0.001 microns in size. Using Denso Cabin Air Filters, allows passengers to breathe cleaner, fresher air which makes any journey more enjoyable.

    Application & Benefits

    • Designed and manufactured to exacting original equipment OE quality.

    • Able to block small particles (i.e. Diesel smoke & cigarette smoke without compromising airflow quality).

    • Premium-quality filter media traps particulates down to 0.001 microns.

    • Contains up to five individual layers for super-fine filtration

    • Traps soot, dirt, and pollen to provide greater passenger comfort.

    • Maximizes airflow and minimizes air noise.

    Air Filter

    DENSO Air Filters offers you to clean the air from many impurities like- dust, pollen and sludge. It employs three successive layers of filtration media to trap a much wider range of particular sizes and boast a superior dust- holding capacity for long- term use.

    Features & Benefits

    • Better filtration efficiency at full life.

    • High airflow rate improves performance and fuel economy.

    • Superior dust holding capacity increases filter life.

    • Maximum filtration efficiency reduces engine wear.

    • Easy installation with a factory quality fit.

    • Prevents abrasive particulate matter from entering in the engine reducing engine wear.

    Green Cabin Air Filter

    DENSO Green Cabin Air Filters helps produce more than clean air compared to the conventional air filters.
    This product protects yourself and your passengers within the cabin.

    Diesel Filter

    In the strong diesel marketplace, DENSO Diesel Filters meets the aftermarket’s requirements with same OE quality product. DENSO Diesel Filters are highly efficient for removing diesel particulate matter or soot from the fuel, resulting in more complete regeneration at certain temperatures.

    DENSO Diesel Filter has following advantages:

    • Filters smaller dust particle

    • Longer life than other brand

    • Light Weight

    • Higher Performance

    • Significantly lower costs

    DENSO Compact Full Power Tone

    ‘’DENSO Compact Full Power Tone Horn’’ is globally known for :

    • Superior Sound Quality

    • Long Lasting Reliability

    • Compact & Universal Fitment

    • Value for Money

    DENSO Trumpet Horn Set

    "DENSO Waterproof Power Tone Horn'' is globally known for:

    • High Quality, Luxurious Sound

    • Waterproof Specifications

    • Make you feel proud

    • Universal Fitment


    DENSO has a wide experience of supplying Automotive Relay to the OE manufacturer. The same performance and durability are available in Aftermarket business. It precisely engineered to meet the most stringent OE standards for shock resistance, arcing and thermal protection.
    Universal type (4pin / 12V) relay can be fitted in almost all vehicle, Globally, recognized for :

    • Superior Product Quality

    • Long Lasting Reliability

    • Reduced Electrical Loads

    • Low Heat Generation

    • Convenient & easy to use (Value for Money)

    Wiper Rubber

    "DENSO Wiper Rubber is a unique product concept. When you don't get satisfactory wiping performance, you get the Wiper Blade replaced. Whereas, in most of the cases, only Wiper Rubber is the cause of poor wiping performance. With DENSO's unique concept, you can replace the Wiper Rubber only. This concept also supports and contributes to global Sustainable Development Goals.

    DENSO's Graphite coated Wiper Rubber ensures:

    • Waste reduction and thus, it is environment friendly
    • Clear vision for safe driving
    • Smooth & Noise-less operation
    • Long life
    • Easy and quick fitment

    Please follow simple instructions for replacement of your Wiper Rubber. Click here for Wiper Rubber Installation Procedure.

Repair Parts for Passenger Vehicles - 4W

    Starter Motor

    DENSO has a wide experience of supplying premium Electrical Components to the automakers. The durability and high capacity of DENSO Starters ensure that even the most demanding engines can be started – under all circumstances and weather conditions.
    DENSO parts are application-specific and are designed for maximum durability and performance.
    We recommend to check the correct application within your nearest Dealer area.

    DENSO Starter Motor has following benefits:

    • Maximum cranking torque under all conditions

    • Class leader in size & weight

    • Environmentally designed to start in cold and hot weather conditions

    • Low cranking noise

    • Easy to install


    DENSO has a wide experience of supplying Alternators to the automotive manufacturers in the world where their light weight, high efficiency and durability under the most gruelling conditions makes them the preferred choice. All components are designed and validated as per OE specifications, mount properly with minimum issues related to Installation and provide years of reliable services.
    In Aftermarket DENSO alternators are application specific and are designed for maximum durability and performance. We recommend to check the correct application within your nearest Dealer area.

    DENSO Alternator has following benefits:

    • 100% OE Satisfaction for quality fit, appearance & service life.

    • Maximum efficiency for smallest and lightest in the world for their output.

    • Wide range of suitable application available.

    • Designed to perform in cold and hot weather conditions; maximum cranking torque under all conditions.

    • Rigorous manufacturing and testing meets highest standards of performance.

    • Multi functional regulator.

    Fuel Pump

    DENSO’s proven fuel pump technology provides the high quality products and convenience to the customers. This is why our pumps are chosen as standard equipment by the world’s most demanding OEM’s, especially for their premium vehicles.
    In aftermarket we offers similar quality of OE fitted replacement parts designed for performance, reliability and silent operation.
    Features & Benefits : Globally recognized for,

    • Providing quiet, trouble- fee operation.

    • Specially designed for higher functionality.

    • Accurately measure pressure for better performance.

    • Built-in choke coils minimize radio interference.


    DENSO leads the industry in increasing fuel pressure and maximizing the precision of injection timing and quantity, achieving cleaner emissions and more powerful engines. DENSO's common rail systems are supplied to a variety of vehicles including passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
    Nozzle is a main component of Injector. The quality of injected fuel from the nozzles is an important factor in achieving a favourable combustion. Thus, the use of good nozzles that are appropriate for the engine greatly affects the performance of the engine. The high-pressure fuel enters and travels down a passage in the body and then into a passage in the nozzle, ending finally in a chamber surrounding the needle valve.


    Drivers and their passengers expects a comfortable cabin on every journey, in all weathers. Which is why car makers rely on DENSO – one of the world’s largest manufacturer of original Thermal products – for advanced, efficient, reliable Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Components. DENSO is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of compressors, selected by top vehicle manufacturers in the world.
    Our top quality compressors in Aftermarket reflects DENSO’s outstanding OE engineering knowledge, setting the International benchmark for technology and quality.

    Features & Benefits : Globally recognized for,

    • Compact size and light weight

    • High efficiency and quiet operation

    • Reduced fuel consumption

    • Unmatched reliability with quiet & efficient performance.

    Engine Cooling Module (Fan Assembly)

    DENSO’s Engine Cooling Module (Fan Assembly) are engineered, developed & validated to meet all OE as well as Aftermarket requirements, to ensure durability and quality of the product.
    The role of the engine Cooling Module is to increase the flow of cooling air that reaches the Radiator. Although usually positioned behind the heat exchanger (Radiator). In some applications the Cooling Fan is placed in front of the Radiator to increase the flow of cooling air whilst travelling slowly or when stationary. Fan Assembly operates using a solenoid valve, controlled by temperature sensors and coolant pressure sensors and activated only when needed. Cars that are fitted with an air conditioning system require a Cooling Fan featuring a more powerful solenoid valve.

    Key Benefits of Engine Cooling Module :

    • Equipped with similar OE quality in aftermarket.

    • Ability to cope with extreme environmental conditions.

    • Engine cooling module are application & engine specific and are designed for maximum durability and Performance.

    • Qualified with rigorous testing standards to ensure long-lasting & efficient performance.

    • Accurate fluid dynamics calculation to increase efficiency while reducing noise.

    • Less fuel consumption.

    Condenser Fan Motor (Print Motor)

    A condenser fan motor is an electric powered fan that introduces fresh air to cool the condenser. The condenser is located outside the engine compartment and is attached directly behind the radiator. The fan can share in the cooling of the radiator or can be used exclusively to cool the condenser.
    The DENSO condenser fan motor is designed and manufactured to suit the air conditioning requirements of your vehicle. Our fan motor will ensure enough air flow to the condenser, the same way as the original part does.

    Power Window Motor

    Most consumers prefer cars with power windows. Power window motors are mechanisms installed inside of the car door which control the function of the window glass enabling them to go up and down. The motor power window in a car is the control that allows someone in a car to roll the window up or down. This function can be accomplished in one of two ways. In early model cars, the window in a car or truck was rolled up and down manually, by use of a turn-handle that connected to various gears within the door of the car. Now, however, it is far more common to see car windows that operate with a switch or a button. These power window regulators operate under electrical power.

Air Conditioner & Thermal Parts for Passenger Vehicles - 4W


    DENSO’s Condensers are designed and manufactured to integrate seamlessly with the Vehicle’s original Air Conditioning System. DENSO condensers match up to OE standard at every aspects. It consists of an Aluminium construction which improves reliability, resisting corrosion to avoid expensive system leaks, while the superior fin wave design offers higher heat transfer and maximum refrigerant condensation. Heat exchanger cores are specially designed to shed airborne material build-up, allowing the A/C system to operate at peak efficiency with minimal maintenance, assuring years of trouble-free service.


    • Unique fin design to minimize airflow blockage.

    • Reduces required compressor power, resulting improved fuel economy.

    • Superior fin waves provide a higher heat transfer coefficient and full condensation.

    • Greater Durability


    As a leader in the development of innovative evaporator technology, DENSO offers the highest grade aftermarket products for a variety of applications. Our OE experience and know-how ensure our aftermarket products provide the un-matched performance, reliability and easy of Installation you expect from DENSO. Evaporator is a key component in proper air-conditioning performance. Denso's evaporator configurations, tanks, fin pitch, core dimensions and materials meets OE manufacturers' rigid specifications & the same is being supplied in Aftermarket business with complete durability & functional test.

    DENSO Evaporator has following Advantages :

    • High Performance

    • Excellent draining capacity

    • Light weight

Accessories Parts for Passenger Vehicles - 4W

    Plasmacluster Ion Generation (PCI)

    Developed in collaboration with Sharp Corporation to make air conditioning more comfortable.
    Plasmacluster is a trademark of Sharp Corporation.

    The Plasmacluster Ion Generator is designed for :

    • Strong deodorant effect with ''Turbo Mode'' with more icons.

    • Reduce odor and viruses in the cabin.

    • Clean away smell of tobacco/cigarette smoke.

    • Protect from Virus & bacteria and prevent dry skin.

Commercial Vehicles Application

    Bus Air Conditioner

    DENSO is a global market leader in developing and manufacturing advanced Bus Air Conditioning systems. We have more than 50 years technology in the demanding arena of bus thermal and air quality management. The result is integrated, efficient, lightweight Bus Air Conditioning with modern features, fits for purpose and with trouble-free operation. In addition, lightweight and electrical capacity limitations offers a significant edge over other systems: saving on fuel without compromising on performance. Our system also contribute to environmental preservation – making DENSO a highly responsible investment.

    DENSO Bus AC has following competitive Advantages :

    • High Performance

    • Environmental Friendly

    • Wide and slim design

2 Wheel Application

Repair & Maintenance Parts - 2W

    Alternating Current Generator (Magneto) :

    A magneto is an electrical generator that uses permanent magnets to produce alternating current. It functions in regulating ignition timing, distributing current to ignition system of motorcycle engines, charging current into battery, and distributing current to lighting system of motorcycle.
    DENSO offers the high quality of Magneto in aftermarket for variety of Motorcycle applications. Our OE experience with un-matched performance, reliability and easy of Installation provides you best quality products in the market.

    Functions of Magneto :

    1. For Battery Charging

    2. Lighting

    3. Ignition Function

Accessories Parts - 2W

    2W Vehicle Finder & Security System (DOKO)

    A Motorcycle accessory which has been designed and developed specifically for the Indian market. This accessory can enhance users convenience with its functions such as remote motorcycle finder and anti-theft applications.

    Product Ensure :

    1. Comfort to end-user

    2. Safety of vehicle

    Major Applications :

    • Vehicle finder

    • Motion Sensor Alarm

    • Motion Sensibility Control

    • Ignition ON Alarm

    • Auto Security ON

    • Multi Tone Selection

    • Water Spray Protection

    • Range up to 100 Mtrs.

    • Emergency Indicators (Fog/ Rain)

Gas Engine Plugs

    Nickel Spark Plug

    A high performance spark plug range from DENSO, globally known for its exclusive U-Groove technology which improves better ignitability and overall performance of engine. U-Groove is a innovative design that employs a unique, channeled ground electrode designed to generate a larger spark nucleus at the point of ignition.

    Nickel Spark Plug advantages at a glance :

    • Patented U-GROOVE is engineered for greater Fuel efficiency and Improved throttle response. Reduces misfires.

    • Specially designed for high functionality.

    • Increased engine performance with specified heat range.

    • High fuel efficiency achieved though optimum plug performance.

    Iridium Power Plugs

    DENSO Iridium Power Plugs, World’s ultra fine Iridium centre electrode of 0.4mm dia delivers maximum spark energy withstanding high temperature. Globally recognized for enhanced engine performance, faster acceleration and superb fuel consumption.

    Iridium Power Plug advantage at a glance:

    • DENSO Patented U-groove and taper cut ground electrode provides faster spark flame with less heat quenching.

    • World’s smallest 0.4 mm diameter iridium centre electrode ensures superior acceleration response and less misfires.

    • Patented 360 degree laser welding process: ensuring exceptional quality bond and structural strength with the iridium centre electrode.

    • Increased engine performance with specified heat range.

    • High fuel efficiency achieved though optimum plug performance.

    Iridium Saver- Gas Engine Plugs

    DENSO Iridium Saver Spark Plug offers a higher-efficiency longer-life, exclusively designed for Gas Engine applications. The unique and specialist technology used in Iridium Saver range gives extra durability, making them ideal for high-compression lean-burn engines, while also help to maximize engine performance.

    Iridium Saver Plug advantage at a glance:

    • Increase plug life & performance in high compression gas engines.

    • Reduced Maintenance costs.

    • High reliability to withstand high combustion pressure.

    • Iridium technology for environmental benefits.

    • Iridium on-centre electrode minimizes the spark gap expansion.

    Nickel-TT Plugs

    The DENSO Nickel TT plugs are highly ignitable, high quality, durable spark plugs associated with high performance. A true world first, DENSO's patented twin tip (TT) spark plugs feature a nickel centre and a 'twin' protruding ground electrode with a slimmer 1.5mm diameter. They delivers superb reliability, lower emissions and excellent fuel economy and offer a highly consolidated range with limited number of part numbers.

    Nickel-TT Plugs advantage at a glance:

    • DENSO’s patented Twin Tip Technology provides Improved Ignitibility leads to enhanced Engine Performance, resulting in less fuel consumption with high durability.

    • High fuel efficiency achieved though optimum plug performance.

    • Smooth engine running even under extreme conditions.

    • Low carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions.

    • Best value for money performance spark plug.