Solar Power Operated Multi Purpose Water Supply Project for water solution to 3 villages by DENSO Kirloskar Industries Pvt. Ltd.

May. 7, 2022

Water Distribution Solution with Solar Power Pumping Solution and
Recharging of Ground Water

DENSO Kirloskar Industries Pvt. Ltd. promoted DENSO’s "Green" and “Peace of Mind” to Society by solving Water problem in nearby 3 Villages as our CSR activity. Supported neighboring Community by Ground water recharging for continuous availability, by use of Solar Energy to promote Carbon Neutral and commitment to SDGs.

The project was successfully completed by working together with Local government Administration, Villagers and Local village elected body for the project.
Handover Ceremony was held on 7th May, 2022 with over 200 attendees.


Three Villages are located in Karnataka State, Bangalore, India :

    - Hullarive Village 

    - Maralakunte Panchayat

    - Nelamangla Taluk


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    Handing Over Ceremony - DNKI and Villagers and Government Authorities.

    • Solar Panel

      Solar Panel Area

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      Tank & Pumping Station

    • Water station

      Water Station

CSR Activity Outline

The 3 neighboring Villages had water problem and DENSO Kirloskar Industries Pvt. Ltd.(DNKI) 
made study and analyzed two aspects :

   1. It requires to be Ground water recharging for continuous availability of water 
   2. Use of Solar Energy to recharge the water to promote Carbon Neutral

DNKI arranged provision of essential water service to all 3 villages and used Solar Pumps for lifting and distributing water and also made Water check dam to store rain water to  recharge to earth. 

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Environmental sustainability

" Clean Water & sanitation, Sustainable Cities & Communities " 
   Committed to work towards Environment and Human well being using our technology and high skilled manpower.

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