Sustainability What can we do for our planet?

DENSO Sustainability Worldwide

"Contributing to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future;" this is the mission statement that underpins the DENSO philosophy. At DENSO, we take a conscientious approach to our corporate actions, so that we can help societies across the globe to grow and improve sustainably.

DENSO Sustainability in Malaysia

Giving back to the community is one of our corporate objective in practicing good business ethic. A successful and responsible  organization will go beyond its business norm to make a positive and sustainable impact to community and environment through its continuous engagement with the all its stakeholders. DENSO Malaysia and other group companies engaged in various Sustainability initiatives abide by the underlying Sustainibility group policy focusing on Environment and Security & Safety aspects. The success of our Sustainability activities is through strong collaboration and team work among our associates voluntary participation. and One DENSO ACTION - Green and Clean Action; and DENSO Group Community Service Day.

DENSO Sustainability Focus in Malaysia


DENSO Malaysia in collaboration with government agencies and non-governmental organization conduct the annual Green and Clean Action program with voluntary participation from associates and their children. The objective of this program is to instil awareness and brings impact to environment preservation including wildlife conservation. Rehabilitation programs such as trees planting in forest reserve, mangrove and peat swamp are some of our activities to improve the biodiversity of an environment and minimize environmental impact. Also, we were involved in wildlife conservation such as elephant sanctuary and turtle conservation with local NGOs.


Security and Safety – Philanthropic activities

Our Connecting Lives programs had reached almost all the underprivileged groups within our local community such as orphanage homes, old folks home, handicaps, terminal illness, natural disaster, single parents and urban poors. Apart from monetary or in-kind donations by company, associates will also carried activities such as cleaning or cooking at site. These activities has bring happiness and fulfillment to both; community and associates.

Security and Safety

Commuting accident has been a great concern as it may leads to sufferings due to injury or fatality. Traffic Safety is among one of our main Sustainability activity to educate and promote safe driving habits and mind-set among motorist. With the involvement of government agencies and NGOs we were able to carry out activities such as helmet distribution at schools and traffic safety education for school children. During these activities our associates will have opportunity to interact and share their opinions on good safety mind with local community.