DENSO European companies support their communities in the fight against COVID-19

DENSO companies show solidarity with European communities through different initiatives supporting coronavirus efforts

Apr. 24, 2020


Amsterdam, The Netherlands (April 24, 2020) – With the emergence of the current global health crisis, businesses across different industries have responded by showing support for actions dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Alongside automakers and members of the mobility industry, DENSO companies worldwide and across the European region are taking a stand against COVID-19, through initiatives designed to support the efforts of local governments and the communities we serve.


DENSO Corporation has donated 1 million CNY through the Red Cross Society of China to support relief and recovery efforts. We have also joined a project led by D-Wave Systems, giving researchers and medical experts working on problems related to COVID-19, free and unrestricted access to quantum computing systems. In North America, DENSO has extended support for its communities through financial donations and has also donated medical and protective equipment to help protect health care workers.


In its most recent initiative, DENSO Corporation has started collaborating with Global Mobility Service Inc. (GMS) to support the delivery of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing kits, which detect COVID-19, and the raw materials for the kits to medical institutions, testing organizations, and pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia.


In Europe, DENSO European companies are also showing support and solidarity through various efforts.


DENSO companies in Italy, which has one of the highest numbers of coronavirus cases in Europe, have extended financial support to help medical institutions. DENSO Manufacturing Italia (DMIT) has donated 50,000 EUR to support the restructuring of the COVID-19 community hospital in the Abruzzo region. DENSO Italia (DNIT) has donated 10,000 EUR to a local hospital in Torino. Similarly, DENSO Thermal Systems (DNTS) has donated 100,000 EUR to hospitals within the Poirino and greater Torino area, and 25,000 EUR to the Industrial Organization of Avellino for the purchase of medical equipment. At the same time, DNTS has donated masks, protective overalls, gloves and disinfectant to help protect medical workers.


DENSO International Europe, the regional headquarters of DENSO Europe, has recently reaffirmed its commitment to combatting COVID-19 by allocating an amount of 10,000 EUR to be used for the purchase of medical PPEs, and to support TU Delft and the Erasmus Medical Center Foundation in research focused on finding a coronavirus cure or vaccine.


In Spain, DENSO Barcelona (DNBA) has delivered face masks to local hospitals. DNBA is also collaborating with local engineering university, MANRESA, to use 3D printing to manufacture face shields for doctors and nurses and is working with their local technical center and other companies to study the production of respirators for hospitals in Catalunya.


Working closely with doctors, engineers and the Malaga University, Fujitsu-TEN Espana (FTESA) has successfully prototyped and mass produced a ventilator that can be used in intensive care units as a fully compatible substitute to standard medical equipment. Leveraging its monozukuri capabilities, FTESA’s production line can output 1 unit every 14 minutes and is producing the first lot of 300 ventilators in support of the Andalucia Respira initiative led by the Government of Andalucia.


A similar approach is being considered by DENSO Manufacturing UK (DMUK), which is studying the possibility of working with certain industry partners to prototype and develop critical care PPEs. DMUK also supports local organizations in the Telford community to assist with the needs of the most vulnerable. Meanwhile, DENSO Marston (DNMN) has started the production of face-shields for the local national health service by using an in-house 3D printer with total production to 100 shields per week.


DENSO Poland (DNPO) is donating PCs to families in need so that their children can be homeschooled while in social distancing, and DENSO Thermal Poland (DTPO) has donated a total of 11,000 EUR to help 2 hospitals and a hospital for children with the purchase of medical equipment and PPEs.


DENSO Turkey (DNTR) has made a donation of 10,000 EUR to Turkey’s National Fundraising Campaign and Joao de Deus e Filhos (JDEUS) in Portugal has made a donation of PPEs and cleaning materials to a local and social home and nursery foundation.


DENSO Manufacturing Czech (DMCZ) has made a donation to their local crisis team, to help social organizations within their region, while DENSO Czech (DNCZ) has distributed masks and respirators among associates and external supporters.


DENSO Manufacturing Hungary (DMHU) has initiated the establishment of a contingency fund to support its host city of Székesfehérvár, with the aim of providing resources to its local hospital for health care and activities related to the coronavirus response. DMHU has reported that the company would be the first to transfer an amount of 10 million HUF (approximately 28,000 EUR) into the contingency fund.


In a remarkable expression of the DENSO Spirit, associates of DENSO France (DNFR) are offering to do groceries shopping for the elderly and vulnerable, enabling those at high risk to stay home and safe. And finally, DENSO Aftermarket Europe (AMIS) is setting up an auction to raise money for the purchase of PPEs.


This is a time of great difficulty, but it is also an opportunity to demonstrate solidarity with the communities we serve. Other initiatives and ideas are still in development, and more information will be shared as they become available.


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