V Site Pass selects DENSO’s Secure QR Code in fight against COVID-19

Aug. 24, 2021

English company V Site Pass has created the world’s first secure ticketing and tracing solution, using DENSO’s Secure QR Code (SQRC®).

Düsseldorf. In the fight against COVID-19, V Site Pass, based in North England, has taken on a rather significant role – with DENSO, member of the Toyota Group, at their side. By integrating DENSO’s Secure QR Code (SQRC®) facial recognition technology, the innovative Match Fit Pass application can be used to record and monitor COVID-19 vaccinations and tests.

Match Fit Pass is now the world’s first and only ultra-secure vaccination pass to utilize the SQRC® by DENSO. Match Fit Pass exclusively applies DENSO’s patented Secure QR Code technology to its system, providing a seamless and fully encrypted secure solution that allows individuals to book, store, and share official COVID-19 test and vaccination information within their app. Each individual’s information can only be accessed using biometric identifiers held within DENSO’s SQRC® technology. Information on the Secure QR Code, various other types of the QR Code, mobile computers, auto-ID solutions, and DENSO WAVE EUROPE can be found at https://www.denso-wave.eu/en/.


Why V Site Pass chose DENSO’s Secure QR Code in Fight against COVID-19

“We selected DENSO’s SQRC® facial recognition as it provides a two-factor authentication,” explains Michael Dodd, CEO at V Site Pass. “There is no other ticketing application that has this level of security,” he underlines the advantage of DENSO’s innovative SQRC® technology. The Match Fit Pass application verifies an individual’s identity from a government issued identity document, such as a passport or driving license. The verified image is then used to be encrypted into a Secure QR Code from DENSO. Once this is complete, the individual is issued a unique Match Fit Pass number and the account is ready to record COVID-19 vaccinations, tests, and hold tickets. To better understand how Match Fit Pass works with DENSO’s Secure QR Code facial recognition technology, a video can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsA4A_h1oeQ


How the technology works with DENSO’s SQRC®

First, the vaccination centre employee logs into the Match Fit Pass vaccination dashboard and enters the lot or batch number of the vaccine. The system records the location, date, time, and ID of the person who administered the vaccines and generates a QR Code at the top of the system. In regards to data protection, all data is stored in ISO27001 certified data centres and follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Unlike other track and trace solutions, no personal identifiable data from the user is held. This means that each host who works with the Match Fit Pass dashboard and DENSO’s SQRC® is not at risk of becoming an accidental data holder, and therefore can operate more efficiently. More information about DENSO’s SQRC® facial recognition can be found on the company’s website: https://www.denso-wave.eu/en/denso-products/solutions/denso-products/solutions/qr-code-based-face-recognition.html

The person to get a vaccination arrives at the vaccination centre and opens their Match Fit Pass application including the generated SQRC® on their mobile phone. He or she follows the on-screen instructions and scans the QR Code from the vaccination dashboard. In addition to the SQRC® facial recognition technology, another DENSO device comes into play now: The health care official uses a BHT-1800 mobile computer to scan the individual’s SQRC® from their mobile device in order to match their face to complete the process. This way, the two-factor authentication is completed with the BHT-1800 mobile computer and the SQRC® facial recognition by DENSO. Thus, mix-ups are avoided.

After the vaccination process, the individual has all the necessary information, such as date and time, location of vaccination, lot/batch number, serial number, date of manufacture, and expiry date, recorded in their Match Fit Pass application. Furthermore, the National Health Service (NHS) has the individual’s information recorded automatically as well.

From within the dashboard, the health centre can securely message individuals by batch number, identity code or date administered. The health centre also has the option to message everyone vaccinated on the system. At the same time, vaccinated individuals remain in control of their own data and can choose whether to share if they have been vaccinated.


The Future of the Cooperation between V Site Pass and DENSO WAVE EUROPE

“Match Fit Pass, as the world’s first secure solution that exclusively uses DENSO WAVE’s Secure QR Code, offers very important advantages in the fight against COVID-19”, says Tim Thompson, Head of Sales and Strategic partnerships Europe at DENSO WAVE EUROPE. “It is a great tool to verify one’s vaccination status automatically when buying and using tickets, for example, for restaurants and gyms,” he points out. “And for the future, this automatic verification is rather helpful at football matches, music concerts or at trade shows, but also when buying flights or train tickets,” Michael Dodd adds.

In the long term, V Site Pass does not only want to use DENSO’s SQRC® facial recognition technology to fight COVID-19, but also to provide companies with protection that traditional software vendors can’t. The team continually works to implement and update rigorous safeguards into every aspect to maintain the highest level of security and maximum uptime.  Employees benefit from the technology’s accuracy, reliability, and speed.

“The global pandemic has changed the world”, says Michael Dodd. “Match Fit Pass in combination with DENSO’s Secure QR Code will give venues the ability to open safely and securely in the new normal. It will allow the public peace of mind that everyone in the venue has been either vaccinated or at least tested. Post COVID-19, Match Fit Pass ensures the identity of everyone at an event and puts an end to the ticket resale market,” he concludes.

For the European market, DENSO WAVE EUROPE is the contact point for all enquiries on QR Codes, mobile data collection, handheld terminals, and scanners. The durable and robust terminals and scanners manufactured by DENSO are to be found in storage, logistics, at the POS, in production, and field & sales automation applications.

Short and informative video clips about the terminals, scanners, and solutions from DENSO WAVE EUROPE can now be viewed on YouTube. The clips include the 20th anniversary of the QR Code, a company presentation, and introductions to the various devices for mobile data capture such as the BHT-1500, BHT-1400 and the GT20 scanner. For more information, click on the link below:


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