DENSO Redefines Last-Mile Logistics with One Cool Solution at Autonomy Exhibition in Paris

Feb. 28, 2024

DENSO, a global leader in thermal engineering, is set to revolutionize last-mile logistics with its groundbreaking innovation, the One Cool Solution, showcased at the Autonomy Exhibition in Paris from March 20th to 21st.

As urban centers strive for zero emissions, the landscape of logistics is evolving rapidly. Micromobility solutions, including eCargo bikes, are emerging as pivotal players in last mile operations. However, with this shift comes a growing necessity for reliable, traceable, and connected solutions, particularly in sensitive sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Recognizing this need, DENSO's innovation teams have joined forces to develop a One Cool Solution. Leveraging our extensive expertise in thermal engineering and collaborative partnerships, the One Cool Solution is the industry's first active cooling unit that is both connected and lightweight, offering dynamic traceability and compatibility with a wide range of vehicle types.

The One Cool Solution represents a paradigm shift in last mile logistics, combining high efficiency cooling technology with state-of-the-art real-time cold chain monitoring. Available through a convenient rental subscription, this innovative solution is tailored to fit various vehicles, providing businesses with a versatile and scalable approach to cold chain management.

The One Cool Solution represents the perfect fusion of thermal hardware, temperature controlling software, and comprehensive service, addressing all worries associated with urban deliveries.

At its core, the One Cool Solution is a comprehensive package comprising:
• Insulated Container
• Active Cooling Unit
• Swappable Battery
• Temperature Control Dashboard
• Service & Maintenance

Experience peace of mind and efficiency with our integrated solution tailored to meet the demands of modern urban logistics.
For businesses looking for innovative solutions for last mile logistics, the One Cool Solution offers a great opportunity to boost efficiency, lower emissions, and improve customer satisfaction!

Don't miss out on optimizing your last-mile logistics with DENSO One Cool Solution!