OEM Automotive Systems and Components

Powertrain Related Products

In order to realize a sustainable society, DENSO is committed to developing powertrain technologies that solve issues such as reducing CO2 emissions and the diversification of energy, thus helping to conserve the global environment. 

Climate Control Products

Since 1990, DENSO has held the world's largest market share in air conditioners for vehicles. Currently, we are also pouring our efforts into making energy efficient air conditioning systems with more comfort and less burden on the environment. 

Driving Control and Safety Products

DENSO develops various driving assist systems with a focus on the sensing technology that monitors driving situations. Whether developing Lighting Control Systems, Steering Systems, Airbag ECUs or Brake Control Systems, DENSO pursues the prevention of accidents and injuries. 

Information and Communication Products

HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology provides the driver with feedback appropriate to the driving situation in a safe and comprehensive way. DENSO contributes to the creation of a safer and more convenient society by utilizing Information and Communication Technology. 

Body Electronics Products

DENSO technologies for body electronics products raise comfort, convenience, safety and security. Built-in sensors, such as light sensors that detect ambient brightness and automatically switch lights on and off, determine the vehicle's condition in real-time to enable optimal control. 

Small Motors

DENSO has the world's leading market share of small motors for vital automotive components such as wipers and power windows and will continue to support drivers by offering outstanding stability and durability.