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ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) 2.0 On-Board Equipment

ETC 2.0 On-Board Equipment receives wide-ranging traffic information in real time from ITS roadside units (RSU) installed along highways and toll roads. It enables automatic toll payment and provides the information drivers need about ever-changing driving conditions — just when they need it — so they can avoid traffic jams and make better driving decisions that contribute to safer, more comfortable driving.
Only available in Japan.

ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) On-Board Equipment

The Electronic Toll Collection System lets drivers electronically pay tolls on toll roads. Toll fares can be automatically calculated and collected through wireless communications between toll gate antennas and vehicles. ETC On-Board Equipment installed in the vehicle, sends registered vehicle information and information on the installed ETC card to the gate through which the vehicle passes.
Only available in Japan.

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