Driving Control and Safety Products Lighting Control System

Optimum distribution of headlight illumination improves visibility at night and helps the driver avoid accidents with oncoming cars, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.
DENSO contributes to traffic safety at night, and in poor visibility conditions, through advanced Lighting Control Systems that adjust lighting depending on driving conditions


Adaptive Front-lighting System Controller

The Adaptive Front-lighting System Controller changes the direction of the headlight beams depending on the steering wheel angle to illuminate more of the road ahead and make driving safer while turning. The Headlight ECU (computer) pivots the headlights by calculating where headlight beams should be directed. This system maintains the angle of the headlight beams even if the vehicle is tilting to the rear due to heavy objects in the trunk.

High Intensity Discharge Lamp Ballast

Unlike conventional lamps with a filament that is energized to emit light, Discharge Lamps produce light using an electric arc. They are high-efficiency lamps that are three times brighter and operate at 70% the power consumed by conventional models. The High Intensity Discharge Lamp Ballast ensures the reliable operation of a Discharge Lamp.