DENSO in United Kingdom

DENSO in the United Kingdom

1904 established

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Established over a century ago

In 1984 DENSO Sales UK Ltd. was established and nine years later an engineering center in Coventry was added to this entity. 1989 DENSO Marston Ltd. was acquired. This company was founded as the Excelsior Motor Radiator Company in 1904. 1990 DENSO Manufacturing UK Ltd. in Telford was established. 2013 Shimizu UK Ltd. was acquired and integrated into DENSO Manufacturing. As of 1st of June 2018, DENSO Sales Uk Ltd. is renamed to DENSO Automotive UK Ltd.

The European base of Monozukuri

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The European base of Monozukuri — the art of making things —

The United Kingdom (UK) is the cradle of the industrial revolution. The newly discovered innovations and technologies improved the transportation system and increased the productivity of goods all around Europe. Still today DENSO in the UK strives for technological changes to better the environment and to enhance the traffic safety and security in the world.

1,538 employees in four sites

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Meeting local needs of customers

Employees at DENSO in the UK value credibility with great importance. Quality first and on-site verification are key assets to satisfy customers’ requirements. With four locations in the UK, DENSO is always close to its clients.

DENSO in Europe

1972 established

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Continuous expansion throughout Europe

Since the Dutch already introduced the Japanese society to European culture in the 17th century, the first representative office was established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands In 1972. One year later the regional headquarters Nippondenso Europe (now DENSO International Europe) was established in Weesp, The Netherlands. Since then DENSO Europe grew and has sales companies and manufacturing plants all over Europe.  

Powered by Diversity

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Diversity in languages, cultures and locations

DENSO has 29 official group companies with over 40 locations in Europe (as of March 31, 2016). A total of European 14 languages are spoken (actually 15 if we include the DENSO operations in Morocco). And just imagine the cultural differences from North to South and from West to East. This is why we say “DENSO: Powered by our Diversity”. 

16,254 employees in 39 sites

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Meeting local needs Europe-wide

Winning customers’ trust and being a reliable supplier, DENSO in Europe expands its footprint to be close to its clients. DENSO also emphasizes human development to improve and strive for a better future.  


DENSO CSR in United Kingdom

The three DENSO Group companies in the UK practice a variety of CSR acitivities. For instance, DENSO Sales UK Ltd. employees participate regularly in blood drives. DENSO Manufacturing UK Ltd. has a so-called Eco Garden to promote local biodiversity in collaboration with local schools. DENSO Marston Ltd. has a Nature Reserve, helping to offset carbon emissions whilst also giving something back to the local community.

Modern Slavery and Human Traffic Statement

The UK DENSO Group companies are proud of the steps they have taken to combat slavery and human trafficking within their businesses and supply chains. The Modern Slavery and Human Traffic Statement is made in accordance with the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act 2015, Chapter 30, Part 6, Section 54. You can download this statement.



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Establishment of DENSO Sales UK, Ltd.

DENSO Sales UK’s head office was originally established in 1984 in Hatfield.


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Acquired DENSO Marston, Ltd.

Originally founded in 1904 as the Excelsior Motor Radiator Company, DENSO acquired the manufacturing facility in 1989 that was to become DENSO Marston, Ltd.. Since 2007, DENSO Marston has focus


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Established DENSO Manufacturing UK, Ltd.

DENSO Manufacturing UK was established in 1990 in Telford, near Birmingham. The plant was built on a green field within easy reach of the vehicle manufacturer customers.


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DENSO Sales UK, Ltd. expansion

A new engineering center in Coventry was established.


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DENSO Sales UK, Ltd. move

DENSO Sales UK’s head office was originally established in 1984 in Hatfield. On the 3rd of November 2016, this office was relocated to Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, North of London.



As of 1st of June 2018, DENSO Sales Uk Ltd. is renamed to DENSO Automotive UK Ltd.