DENSO Sustainability in US/Canada

Commitment to Community

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Our mission is to help build a safe and productive society through involvement that reflects the needs and interests of our company, our employees and those of our community. We are dedicated to protecting lives, preserving the planet and preparing a bright future for generations to come. 

We use our skills and resources to:

  • Support a wide range of road safety education events and activities in our communities, building on our company’s technology vision for a future with zero traffic accidents

  • Support preservation and stewardship of our natural resources

  • Support the development of a vibrant, culturally active society

  • Encourage employee participation and involvement

Preserving the Environment

As DENSO parts are utilized in automobiles all around the world, we are actively aware of the important responsibility we have for protecting earth's environment. To concretely express our commitment toward the continuous improvement of our Earth's health, DENSO has created ECO VISION 2025, an active plan that is sparking and invigorating renewed awareness of environmental responsibility throughout the world. 

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  • Utilizing the most advanced technologies, we will make revolutionary reductions in automobile emissions.

  • We will continuously refine the environment friendliness of raw materials used in product design.

  • We will develop and grow green technologies that will support a more rich and sustainable society, whose commerical application will contribute directly to a better world.


  • We will dramatically conserve energy used in production;our group commitment is to halve energy use (CO2 emissions by 1/2)

  • We endeavor to recycle all resources, reduce the amount of water used, and minimze the volume of waste and chemical emissions.

  • We will create a lush and more nature rich workplace environment that is attractive and enjoyable to everyone.

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  • We will implement the most efficient vehicles in all company transport and reduce energy consumption into our personal affairs.

  • Every employee will have a strong awareness of the interconnected global environment; by taking positive action himself, he will take leadership for the future.

  • We will protect and take care of the natural environment everywhere and we will support all associates to take positive action in this respect.


  • The DENSO Group will develop new environmental value with our wisdom and value.

  • We will reduce planetary environmental impact through our corporate activities, adhering to management practices that create a positive environmental impact that leads to a healthier planet and natural life.

DENSO Education Support

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Our people love learning and tinkering with technology. That’s why we invest time and resources to support students in reaching their dreams.

We support hands-on learning opportunities for students, including mentor programs like First Robotics, student competitions, Society of Automotive Engineers collegiate design series, solar car teams and more.

DENSO Foundation

The DENSO North America Foundation has provided more than $10 million in higher education grants in the U.S. since 2001, supporting STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. 

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