Employee Spotlights

  • Louis Remynse

DENSO New Hire Spotlight: Louis Remynse

Welcome (back) to Louis Remynse! Louis began his internship with DENSO in May, returning for a second consecutive year for more opportunities to learn and grow.

Louis was excited to get back to work at DENSO, which he called “a world class manufacturing company,” because his job provided a feeling of normalcy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every morning, he joined a meeting with his department to share lighthearted conversation about current events and his colleagues’ interests, before discussing the projects for the day. Louis said this not only brought him closer to his co-workers but gave him a sense of purpose going into the rest of his work day.

During his internship, DENSO’s employee/associate safety measures especially impressed Louis, and according to him, there was not a single moment at work when he did not feel completely safe. Louis said DENSO’s precautions, including temperature checks, plexiglass between desks and strict mask enforcement, demonstrated the company’s commitment to keeping their employees/associates safe and helped keep his morale up, even in the midst of the pandemic.

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