DENSO’s Green Cause

We know a healthy planet is a green one. To help protect our planet for future generations, we aim to be Carbon Neutral by 2035. As a mega-supplier, we have the ability to create products and processes that minimize our impact on the environment. We’ve got a head start because Green is not new for us. With great pride, we can say DENSO’s sustainability practices date back to the late 1950s, long before Green became a social trend. 

Green Mission: Carbon Neutral by 2035 

DENSO is committed to carbon neutrality worldwide. In North America, we're relentlessly pursuing it in three focus areas: 

    Minimizing energy usage in our processes

    We’re rigorously engaging in ways to minimize and conserve energy usage throughout our manufacturing processes. 

    Utilizing green materials and renewable energy across plants & facilities

    We’re using green materials and implementing renewable energy sources, like solar panels to produce our own in-house clean energy. To do this, we’re working with many partners in the communities across the region where we operate.  

    Developing Emission-Free Products

    We're innovating legacy products and crafting new ones to enable a cleaner, safer and more efficient mobility future.