DENSO's Peace of Mind Cause

Peace of Mind is different for everyone. For us, it's creating a safe and seamless world for all. We do this by pairing innovative technology with quality manufacturing to propel society toward a comfortable and worry-free mobility future with zero traffic fatalities.

Mobility Well-being 

Peace of Mind contributes to mobility well-being, the idea that transportation can improve people's lives while also protecting the planet. We pursue mobility well-being in these areas: 

    Zero Traffic Fatalities

    Through advanced driver assistance systems, we help vehicles sense their surroundings, drive more autonomously and protect all road users.

    Freedom of Movement

    From new transportation modes to smart infrastructure, our technologies create mobility ecosystems that foster the freer, safer and more efficient movement of people and things.


    With a focus on seamless and secure experiences, our products provide the right information to make every ride more enjoyable and convenient.