DENSO Corporation

A quick introduction to DENSO's key technologies and strengths, as well as environmental initiatives.

Facts & Figures

DENSO is a global company focused on advanced mobility that positively changes how the world moves and contributes to greater well-being. As a global Fortune 500 company, we have a broad product portfolio and widespread global impact.



We are a trusted Tier 1 automotive supplier and influencer providing thermal, powertrain, mobility, electrification, & electronic systems to carmakers and other manufacturers around the world.

Automotive parts company in terms of global sales


We are the world's second largest parts and systems provider in terms of sales.

consolidated net sales

US$47.9 billion

In Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2023, DENSO achieved consolidated net sales of approximately US$47.9 billion.

DENSO's Future Direction

4 core technologies

We are focused on the development of core technologies in four fields to create new value and influence the future of mobility.
  • Electrification

  • Advanced Safety and Automated Driving

  • Connected Driving

  • Factory Automation /AgTech

R & D expenses

US$3.9 billion

We are committed to R&D and invested nearly 10 percent of global consolidated sales to accelerate technological development focusing on electrification and autonomous technologies. (automated drive, automatic operation)

Number of patents worldwide


DENSO is leverging its business strategy and intellectual property strategy to utilize its value-added technologies.

The DENSO Group

190 companies

We have research, production, and sales offices throughout the world, with a total of 190 consolidated subsidiaries.

Total number of employees

164,572 people

Our talented, diverse and skilled employees around the world work together to deliver superior products backed by quality-first mindset and technology expertise.

Global Network

35 countries and regions

DENSO's network spans across 35 countries and regions allowing us to share diverse perspectives and opinions to deliver global and regional solutions to meet societal needs.


As a mega supplier, DENSO has the ability and influcence to help find solutions for societal's greatet needs. This is why DENSO is focused on sustainable management, which we define as "helping solve societal issues while generating profits through business operations".

We identified 15 priorities in three key areas 1) environment, 2) security, and 3) corporate infrastructure where we believe DENSO can make a significant impact.

Since our founding, we believe we have an obligation to help protect the environment in our communities and around the world. DENSO's environmental committment includes:
1) Prevention of global warming
2) Prevention air pollution
3) Reduction of substances negative environmental impact,
4) Preservation of resources, and conservation of water resources
Peace of Mind
We want a safer world. To do this we are committed to helping reduce traffic accidents, enabling free and comfortable transportation, developing safe and secure products, and responding to the declining birthrate and aging population
Corporate Foundation
Compliance, strengthening information security, promotion of human resources activities, health/occupational safety and health, work style reform, protection of human rights, sustainable procurement, governance