DENSO Procurement Activities

DENSO manufactures a wide variety of products for the automotive and non-automotive industries. Automotive products include air conditioners, heaters, electrical & electronic devices, fuel management systems and ITS devices. For non-automotive markets, DENSO produces consumer products and factory automation products such as compact robots. DENSO procures parts, materials and equipment that compose these various products from a variety of outside suppliers.

DENSO will create new value in the fields of the Environment, Security & Safety, and Comfort & Convenience, for the achievement of a future automotive society where there are fewer worries about environmental hazards and traffic safety.

To support this goal, DENSO Procurement selects, develops and purchases an array of excellent parts, materials and equipment in terms of quality, technique, cost and delivery in each region of the world based on the following five basic principles.

Procurement basic principles

1.Open-door policy

DENSO is open to all suppliers regardless of geographic location.
DENSO selects suppliers through fair competition, quality, technological capabilities, cost, delivery reliability, management organization and approach to kaizen, continuous improvements.

2. Growing together based on mutual trust

DENSO plans to grow together with its suppliers through relationships based on mutual trust and close communications.

3. Promoting "green procurement"

DENSO procures the parts/materials with a low impact on the environment from suppliers with environmental consciousness.

4. Contribution to the local economy

DENSO contributes to local communities as a good corporate citizen through globalization of its operations and the promotion of localization activities.

5. Compliance with relevant regulations and maintenance of confidence

DENSO's procurement activities thoroughly comply with all relevant rules and regulations. DENSO strictly maintains all confidential information acquired through its procurement activities.

DENSO is actively seeking world class partners who understand our policies and are willing to contribute to the mutual benefit and social and economic development of the world.