Imagine the possibilities if in-store customer experiences could be personalized individually and at scale, just like e-commerce. Engage with every shopper like the neighborhood corner store, regardless of footprint.

What is DENSO's Passive Solutions?

The Passive Solutions suite is a comprehensive indoor location services platform that leverages existing 1st party datasets to deliver personalized, targeted in-store interactions & experiences at key points in shopper journey.

What's different from Beacons & GPS?

Automotive born technology provides a holistic shopper engagement solution:
   • No hardware required at the shelf level
   • Phone or asset based indoor or outdoor tracking capability
   • Sub-meter accuracy ensures contextual engagement with individual shoppers
   • Proven technology: 20+ year history, millions of systems sold, billions of engagements

For Shoppers

Enhance your shoppers' in-store experience by enabling personalized discovery & interaction, efficient visits through seamless touchpoints.

    Seamless Experiences with
    Customer Recognition

    Empower your shoppers with
    search and learn capabilities

    Maximize self service capabilities
    with trusted access capabilities

For Retailers

Drive both top line growth through personalized basket growth engagements and bottom line resource effectiveness savings

    Leverage Smartphone & ESL capability with Aisle / Category Based Personal Promotions, Savings, and Retail Media

    Shopper journey insights by customer & by category

    Staffing Optimization


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