A Message from the President

With a Smile and with Passion, Doing Our Part to Shape a Better World

Nations have reached agreement over the past year in regard to several initiatives for addressing common global issues. Those milestones include the adoption at the United Nations of sustainable development goals for 2030, the pledge by the participants at the G7 Summit held in Bavaria to promote responsible supply chains, and the ratification of the Paris Agreement for mitigating greenhouse gases emissions, starting in 2020. 

All of the above initiatives have huge ramifications for global corporations. They evoke the mounting social expectations of us to redouble our efforts toward shaping a better world. Those expectations are notably pronounced for us in the automobile industry. Vehicle ownership continues to grow, especially in emerging nations, and that is bringing the joy of freedom of mobility to a broadening segment of the population. It is also occasioning continued growth, however, in emissions of greenhouse gases and in traffic accidents. The latter claim more than two million lives annually. 

Clearly, our continuing vitality as a member of the automobile industry depends on how well we contribute to maximizing the benefits of motor transport while minimizing the shortcomings. Reconciling those contrary factors is essential to fulfilling our philosophy of enriching life and shaping a better world by generating new kinds of value. 

The DENSO Group Long-Term Policy 2020 includes guidelines for maintaining a sound planet and for ensuring safety and peace of mind. We are working in product development, for example, to contribute to fuel savings with such products as components for electrifying vehicle systems and for raising energy efficiency in air-conditioning systems and to contribute to safety and peace of mind with such products as advanced driver assistance systems. 

Our commitment to maintaining environmental quality transcends products, as described in the DENSO Eco Vision. That document, issued in June 2016, outlines 10 ways that we are working systematically to minimize our environmental impact, such as employing environmentally benign materials and reducing energy consumption in manufacturing. The measures encompass developing completely new technologies for harmonizing products with the environment and encouraging employees to narrow their environmental footprint in their personal lifestyles, as well as continuing to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other environmentally harmful substances. 

We also reach beyond products and operations in working to reduce traffic accidents. That includes conducting a project in China, Japan, and Thailand to raise traffic-safety awareness especially among children and the elderly. 

Benefiting society in ways commensurate with our corporate scale and visibility is more important than ever. It is crucial to earning a welcome place in our host communities as escalating change transforms the world. 

We are determined to position DENSO as a trustworthy company that earns respect and goodwill from people worldwide by providing lasting value. All of us at DENSO strive to understand issues large and small, and each of us brings a sense of personal involvement to tackling those issues—ever passionate, ever ready with a smile. 

Hand in hand with our stakeholders, we will continue to pursue sustainable growth through a growing array of virtuous circles. We invite careful attention to our progress. 


October 2016
President & CEO
Koji Arima