Diversity & Inclusion

Our Vision:

Value and embrace a diverse organization and create a fully inclusive culture for all, with no walls or boundaries, to inspire true innovation in mobility solutions.

    • Diverse People

    Strive to deeply understand someone
    else's perspectives, thoughts
    feelings and experiences.

    • Diverse Thoughts

    Seek, generate and evaluate
    multiple ideas, complexities
    and diverse perspectives.

    Foster innovation and enhance
    performance through seeking, encouraging,
    and facilitating healthy connections
    and interactions across the business.


Diversity is the collection of our similarities
and differences based on characteristics
we are born with, experiences we have had,
or choices we have made.


  • Welcomed
  • Valued
  • Respected
  • Heard

Inclusion occurs when people know:

Their resources and talents are recognized and regularly utilized,
their differences are valued, they are fully able to contribute
and t
hey are welcomed, valued, respected and heard