Intelligent diesel engines

The world's cleanest, quietest, most efficient diesel engines continuously optimize fuel injection. i-ART places a pressure sensor in each injector - a world first - to launch the next generation of diesel engines.

i-ART: intelligent Accuracy Refinement Technology
i-ART is a trademark of DENSO CORPORATION, registered in Japan and other countries.

120 years after its invention,
the diesel engine takes a revolutionary leap forward.

In 1893, Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine in Germany. Soon, they replaced steam engines across the globe. Later, Clean Diesels were introduced with less CO2 emissions.
Now, breakthrough i-ART technology is driving the next stage of diesel evolution.

How can fuel injection be optimized?

Diesel engines ignite fuel by injecting it into compressed air, making fuel injection timing and amount a crucial part of diesel engine performance. Precise control of fuel injection then, is the key to maximizing engine performance.

A sensor in each injector?
Simply unprecedented.

Koji Ishizuka
Project leader of i-ART development, Diesel Engine Management System Engineer

"While viewing the sensor on a common rail, a new idea struck me. Why not place this sensor inside the injector to monitor injection activity?"

A world first.
i-ART technology.

A miniature pressure sensor in each injector monitors injection activity. 

As fuel injection occurs up to 1,000 times per second, i-ART technology accurately measures the fluctuation of fuel pressure and temperature in each injector. To deliver optimal control of the injection amount of and timing. The results? Clean, quiet, fuel efficient performance that ranks among the highest in the world. 

The intelligence to correct deviations with 100,000th of a second precision.

i-ART optimizes fuel injection amount and timing with 1/100,000 second precision. This is the equivalent to one-millimeter-travel time of an F-1 car at 300 km/h. Through innovation, i-ART has given birth to truly intelligent diesel engines.

i-ART: Also powering bio-fuel

i-ART also makes it possible for engines to be powered by biofuels and other fuels that complicate injection. This remarkable technology has captured the world's attention.

Changes in the wind, even through the jungles of Brazil.

The Brazilian model of the Toyota Hilux is equipped with an i-ART diesel engine that clears strict PROCONVE L6 regulations without employing a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This advance totally eliminates diesel’s reputation for noisy, smoky vehicles and will help bring cleaner air to the jungles of Brazil.

Even in Europe, where diesels are popular, i-ART is a breakthrough development.

i-ART is being promoted as the leading sales point of Volvo's new eco-friendly Drive-E engine, which boasts the highest engine output and fuel efficiency in its class.

Diesel engine intelligence for a cleaner, brighter future.

i-ART is sparking a breakthrough in clean diesel design that will contribute to an advanced automotive society. Our development efforts also reach beyond diesel engines to gasoline engines, electric systems and solutions in other fields. To preserve the planet and prepare a bright future for generations to come, DENSO will never stop taking on new challenges and developing new innovations.