DENSO ADAS / AD Automated driving with reliability


To Achieve a Society with New Mobility

DENSO has been always focused on 'Confidence' and 'Safety', and working on the development of safety technology with high quality and reliability.

DENSO knows it is the best way for users to stay confident in the car, and to stay away from any dangerous situations.

To achieve Quality of Mobility in the society without any traffic accident, DENSO continues to develop automated driving technology for drivers, pedestrians and surrounding environment.


Millimeter-wave radar

Word's-first onboard electronic scanning
millimeter-wave radar(2003)

Millimeter-wave radar (2003-) Word's-first onboard electronic scanning millimeter-wave radar

In 2003, DENSO developed a world's-first millimeter-wave radar that adopted an electronic scanning method called digital beam forming as an onboard radar. In 2015, 'Toyota Safety Sense P', which is an active safety package for medium and luxury models of TOYOTA mounted DENSO's millimeter-wave radar with image sensor.

World's-first two-dimensional LIDAR (1997)

World's-first two-dimensional LIDAR (1997)

LIDAR(1996-)*LIDAR:Light Detection and Ranging World's-first two-dimensional LIDAR

In 1996, DENSO launched a linear LIDAR that scans the beam horizontally for commercial vehicles. In 1997, we developed the world's-first LIDAR that can measure the light round-trip time by one 2.5 billionth unit and cans the beam two dimensionally, vertically and horizontally.In 2012, a miniaturized and low-cost linear LIDAR was commercialized, and was adopted in Smart Assist, which is a DAIHATSU's collision avoidance assistance system.

V2X onboard unit

Prototype of high-speed LAN radio(1997)

V2X onboard unit (2015-) World's-first ITS Connect compliant onboard unit

DENSO successfully developed a prototype of high-speed LAN radio from 1997, and obtained the first certificate of technical standard-compliance in Japan in 2000.

In 2006, we made a 700MHz-band V2X test model (Verification test model based on the assignment of frequency band assignment in Japan), provided the companies in Japan with them for communication tests, and successfully brought it to the determination of ARIB STD T109.

As described above, DENSO made the prototype and the test model from the initial development stage and provided them to contribute to the determination of standard specifications. In 2015, we successfully launched an world-first onboard unit compliant with ITS Connect to the market.

[NOTE] V2I/V2V communication-based cooperative driver assistance system in ITS-dedicated frequency (760MHz)

Test on public road & Demonstration driving (2014-)

Development framework and facilities

Development framework and facilities
  • Head Quarters(Kariya-city, Aichi-pref.)
    Head Quarters (Kariya-city, Aichi-pref.) Administration of Technological Development
    In 2016, ADAS Business and Technology Development Division was launched. This Division is in charge of determining a research & development roadmap for the implementation of automated driving, the development of element technologies such as sensors and HMI, R&D development activities and such.
  • Tokyo(Nihon-bashi, Tokyo)
    Tokyo branch (Nihon-bashi, Tokyo) Advanced development that incorporates leading-edge technological trends
    As an R&D facility for leading-edge technology development, DENSO collaborates with other companies and research institutions, and conducting advanced technology development, such as AI-based image recognition.
  • Test center or Proving ground(Nukata, Abashiri)
    Test center or Proving ground (Nukata, Abashiri) Driving test to achieve high reliability,
    Verification test for leading-edge technology
    In order to achieve high reliability and quality critical to automated driving, various driving tests are conducted in the roads under natural environment and proving ground with real-world conditions. In addition, at our Abashiri test center, verification tests of leading-edge technology and development are conducted by utilizing a vast land with various geographic features.
  • North America(Detroit, Silicon Valley)
    North America (Detroit, Silicon Valley, San Diego) Technology development in the area with leading-edge business and technology
    In Detroit where automotive technology is concentrated and on the West Coast (Silicon Valley, San Diego) where IT companies and their innovative business models are gathered, DENSO is working on the leading-edge technological development through the joint research and development with the excellent universities such as CUM/MIT/UoF and sophisticated ventures. We are continually observing the local road environment and traffic conditions in the area, to respond to the needs in the society.
  • Europe(Munich, Aachen, Lindou, Goteborg)
    Europe (Munich, Aachen, Lindou, Goteborg) Develop technology that incorporates the latest industrial trends.
    In Europe where safety regulations are being tightened ahead of any other places in the world, DENSO is conducting research in Germany and Sweden. At Lindou in Germany, DENSO has a research and development facility that focuses on the leading-edge image recognition technology, and is accelerating the development of sensing technologies.
  • Asia((Singapore))
    Asia (Singapore) Joint research cooperated with Government
    In Singapore, joint researches and verification tests are actively conducted under the cooperation among the government, companies and research institutions. DENSO is participating in the joint research by cooperating with the Agency for Science, Technology and Research.