DENSO ADAS / AD Automated driving with reliability

Five Key Functions


Communication between driver and vehicle.

DENSO provides an in-vehicle space with secured feelings by reinforcing communication between the driver and the vehicle.


Driver Status Monitor detects the face direction, eye opening and eye gaze.

Future in-vehicle space will evolve to a moving living room. People would like to leave themselves to their seats and relax. DENSO's driver status monitor always monitors the driver condition, and detects deterioration of health condition and drowsiness immediately. We are also developing a system to allow smooth takeover of driving control from automated driving mode to human driver.

Development (test video)

Driver Status Monitor

Driver Status Monitor Detect the face direction, eye opening and gaze.

Our technology enables the detection of face direction even when a part of the face is hidden with sunglasses and a face mask. It was achieved by DENSO’s unique machine learning.


Driver Status Monitor(DCM)

Driver Status Monitor

Head-up display(HUD)

Head-Up Display Unit

Instrument Cluster

Instrument Cluster

Car navigation system

Car navigation system