May 11 Update: DENSO Implements Phased Return-to-Work Protocol across North American Locations, Prioritizes Unified and Safety-First Approach

May. 11, 2020

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (May 11, 2020) – As the auto industry ramps up operations, DENSO has implemented a phased Return-to-Work Protocol that puts safety first and aligns closely with governmental and industry guidelines. DENSO will begin to increase production across North America as government mandates allow.

DENSO’s top priority while implementing its Return-to-Work Protocol is the safety of its employees, its communities and its customers.

Throughout this phased approach , DENSO’s overarching aim is to bring employees back to its North American campuses gradually, starting with only those who must be on site to meet customer requirements. Most office employees will continue to work remotely as the phases progress.

Across the region, each DENSO facility will adjust its phases based on the local situation. To do this, all sites will continuously monitor COVID-19-related developments, adhere to shifting government guidelines and update policies as necessary to best protect employees’ health. DENSO’s top leadership in North America must approve any phase change at all locations.

Here are more details about each phase of DENSO’s Return-to-Work Protocol:

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Phase 0:
When customers resume production, DENSO will call back only employees who need to be on-site to support their needs. Employees currently working remotely will continue to do so. Limiting the number of employees DENSO brings back to its facilities aids its implementation of new safety protocols and maximizes social distancing. 


Phase 1:
As production increases, DENSO will carefully determine the number of employees needed on site to support business operations and customer schedules as they evolve. In this phase, DENSO will evaluate which employees can perform their full job roles and responsibilities while off site. A majority of employees will still be encouraged to work remotely, but some, depending on the nature of their position, will begin a mixed schedule, working some days remotely and others at the company.


Phase 2 :
DENSO will launch Phase 2 at least two weeks after Phase 1, and when safe to do so considering government orders. In this phase, DENSO will gradually bring employees back on site who can perform all their duties remotely, but who would like to work on site. DENSO will adjust safety protocols as the situation changes.


Phase 3 :
DENSO will launch Phase 3, a return to full and normal operations, when all government restrictions have been lifted and at least 14 days after Phase 2 was enacted.

DENSO also is evaluating and adjusting its remote work policy to allow for more flexible work options in the future.

Additionally, DENSO recently developed a Risk Minimization Toolkit to ensure a safe working environment for employees returning to its North American facilities. The toolkit, which DENSO will continue to modify as circumstances change, outlines safety requirements for on-site employees and detailed steps the company is taking to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.


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