June 12 Update: DENSO Updates Phased Return-to-Work Protocol as States Begin Reopening

Jun. 12, 2020

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (June 12, 2020) – As states begin reopening more industries and public spaces, DENSO has adjusted its Return-to-Work Protocol so it aligns more closely to updated government orders. Even as some mandates loosen, the company’s top priority continues to be the safety of its employees and the communities where it is located. As such, DENSO is still following guidance from states with the most stringent safety precautions in place.

This translates to an updated Return-to-Work Protocol that allows more employees to return to work on-site, particularly those who have been unable to perform their full job roles and responsibilities remotely, but still requires most employees to work remotely. It’s a move that allows DENSO to continue to limit the number of employees working on-site at its North American locations, which helps keep population density low, reduce virus exposure risks and protect all employees.

Depending on the role and department, DENSO employees might work entirely on-site, entirely remotely, or a combination of the two as phases progress. They might also work in rotated schedules or during adjusted work hours to support social distancing and safety measures further.

Since the start of the pandemic, DENSO has adjusted phases at its locations based on local situations at each, in accordance with its Risk Minimization Toolkit, and only with North American leadership’s approval.  

As more states transition to reopening, DENSO will continue to put employee safety and government compliance first. The company is committed to constantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation across the communities where it is located and will update its approach as necessary to safeguard its workforce while meeting customer demand.

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