DENSO Announces Partial Shutdown to Help Protect Workforce, Shares Updates on COVID-19 Safety Efforts

Mar. 20, 2020 Other Topics

Southfield, Mich. (March 20, 2020) – In an effort to adjust to customer production changes and support social distancing among employees, many of DENSO’s North American facilities are either stopping or slowing production, effective Monday, March 23.  Production stoppage durations will vary across its locations based upon individual circumstances. The company will reevaluate operations to assess risk and customer situations prior to resuming production.

To protect the health of our employees, we are disinfecting DENSO facilities frequently, providing hand sanitizer and practicing social distancing. Additionally, individual locations will utilize a limited number of on-site employees, depending on location-specific needs. DENSO strives to keep in-person headcount as low as possible, to support its efforts in social distancing, minimizing employees’ exposure to germs and facility disinfection.   

Visitors will not be permitted unless for business-critical purposes. Those who do visit a DENSO location must complete the DENSO Visitor COVID-19 Questionnaire prior to entering. Individuals who were in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or have cold or flu-like symptoms within the last 14 days, will not be permitted.

Since Monday, March 16, DENSO’s North American headquarters and satellite offices have incrementally expanded IT infrastructures to allow nearly 100% of their employees to work remotely by Monday, March 23.

Not all DENSO employees are able to work away from the office, however. For these individuals, DENSO is taking extra precautions to ensure their safety, including: reducing the number of employees around them; increasing facility disinfection and encouraging social-distancing practices.

DENSO’s other North American facilities have also instituted alternative work arrangements, including work-from-home and are working to increase their network capacities to enable more employees to work remotely.

DENSO has aggressively restricted its domestic travel policy. All business-critical travel requires senior executive approval.

DENSO will continue to post updates as we receive new information. We, the DENSO North American team, hope you and your families stay healthy and safe during this unprecedented crisis.