ECU Design

The ECU is an essential component of every powertrain system. DENSO is able to achieve the design flexibility by being part of the specification development for powertrain system and design various ECUs to meet those requirements. With the MPU (Micro Processing Unit) as the core, DENSO crafts every ECUs by utilizing rapid software development with BSW (Basic Software) and ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) integrated with necessary ECU functions.



Engine Electronic Control Unit (Gasoline, Diesel) Electric-drive Powertrain Control Unit (Hybrid Electric Vehicle, Electric Vehicle, Fuel Cell Vehicle)
Dosing Control Unit TCU (Transmission Control Unit) 
SBW (Shift By Wire Control Unit) e-VCT (Electric-Variable Cam Timing Driver Unit)
FPC (Fuel Pump Controller)  


 RFC (Radiator Fan Controller) ICM (Idle-stop Control Module)
Brushless Motor Controller Climate Control Panel and Electronic Control Unit


Airbag Electronic Control Unit Electric Power Steering Electronic Control Unit
Adaptive Front-lighting System Controller Driving Assist Electronic Control Unit
Seatbelt ECU  

Electrical equipment


System Main Relay (High Voltage Relay)  


Audible Vehicle Alerting System  Buzzer
Power PCB Relay Plug-in Relay
Flasher Relay for Vehicle Flasher Relay for Motorcycle