Heat Pump Air-Conditioning System

Heat Pump is an efficient technology using heat source from ambient air. Heat Pump can generate large thermal energy with little electric energy. Electric energy saving for cabin heating can extend driving range of Battery Electric Vehicle or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle.



Heating enabled at 10°C below freezing point

Heating performance is critically important in cold weather. The refrigerant having lower temperature than the ambient temperature can absorb heat from the ambient temperature. However the lower the ambient temperature, the lower the density of the vaporized refrigerant. The density reduction decreases heating performance. DENSO‘s Heat Pump System extracts high-density vapor and injects it into the compressor to increase heating performance in cold environment, thereby overcoming the disadvantage of Heat Pump.



Electric Compressor with Gas Injection Function

The lower the ambient temperature, the lower the refrigerant density. DENSO has developed an electrically driven compressor equipped with gas injection function to increase the mass flow rate of circulating refrigerant. The high-density vapor refrigerant is injected into the compressor to increase the mass flow rate and thus improves heating performance.

Compact Gas-liquid Separator with Integrated Valve

The refrigerant is decompressed in low pressure to absorb heat. By decompressing in two steps (medium and low pressure), the refrigerant becomes a mixture of vapor and liquid. DENSO has developed a compact and high efficiency Gas-liquid separator to extract high density vapor refrigerant. The new product has improved the vehicle installability as well as the refrigerant separation capability.