Official license achieved


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Ground breaking ceremony

Very first footprint in history time line of DENSO in Vietnam.


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Factory construction completed

With continuous efforts, the first factory of DENSO in Vietnam was establish and ready to product first products.


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Mass production started

First assembly production line Variable Induction-air Control (VIC) was successfully started.

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Grand Opening Ceremony solemnly celebrated

Grand Opening Ceremony was solemnly organized to officially announce establishment of DENSO Vietnam.

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ISO14001:2004-Environment Management Certificate achieved.

Since establishment, we focused on environment preservation in all business operation activities, toward a sustainable development.


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TS16949:2002-Quality Management Certificate achieved.

Quality is our first priority to ensure safety for our customers. We satisfy customers with products of “Quality First”.


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Design Center Building finished

Design Center operates engineering works such as 2D-3D, CAD & CAE


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Factory expanded - Phase 2

To meet growing demands, DENSO Vietnam expanded factory with new machining line installation.


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Machining line started

Marked a turning point in automation production at DENSO Vietnam.


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OHSAS18001-Occupational Health and Safety Management achieved.

Create a safety and healthy working place enhance reputation and credibility.


Trading License Achieved

First after market products with high quality at affordable price of DENSO reach to local customers.


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Design Center expanded

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First time President Award achieved

DENSO Vietnam had encountered many challenges to reach the first ever honorable award of DENSO Corporation.


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DENSO Training Academy Vietnam opened

Aiming at developing key personnel with both deep and wide high technical skills for Manufacturing to correspond with business expansion, we have established DENSO Training Academy Vietnam (DTAVN).

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Valve Body Product – first ever manufactured at DENSO Vietnam

Valve Body is the first product of DENSO Corporation starting manufacturing at oversea plant. The finished product comprised more than 160 parts.


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Factory expanded - Phase 3

In this expansion-phase III, DMVN expanded factory area more 8,400 ㎡, increased total factory square to 11.600㎡. At the same time, new production lines were set up.

Branch of DENSO Vietnam established.


First time attended World Skill Competition 2015 held at Sao Paulo, Brazil.

First time DENSO Vietnam developed 2 candidates for Vietnam Team to compete in World Skill Competition. One candidate achieved Medallion Award for CNC Milling, ranked 7th out of 28 competitors.

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The second time achieved President Award.

By continuous effort of all associates, DENSO Vietnam the second time honored President Award 2015 - Award of Outstanding performance in recognition of achieving highest revenue and profit in history, great contribution as ONE DENSO, as well as promoting activities to improve quality of products through cooperation with Design Center located at DMVN.


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The third time achieved President Award

By positive contribution of all employees, DENSO Vietnam honor received President Award. This is an award for progressive, dynamic and honorable performance in FY2016 and it’s the highest achievement that DENSO Vietnam has achieved since it’s inception.


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Set up Diecast line

Deploy new project Diecast is a new step towards One - DMVN "localizes production process" to enhance competitive advantage. With the efforts of all employees, DMVN Diecast always challenges "World's No. 1 Casting"

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Best Effective Factory

Best Effective Factory is annual award in EF activity of Asia. This award was chosen from 16 factories in 12 different Companies in Asia region. This is the first time that DENSO Vietnam honor achieved this award.

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Global Facility No.1

First time we have received “ Facility of year “ prize
This award is recognized effort all of facility member throughout the Fiscal year 2017 together hard working. We have already promoted FM improvement activity, Energy saving, PM and safety construction activity.

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Global QCC No.1

At the FY18 QCC Global Conference held at DNJP,
Team “Super Man” (Sleeve line) is honored to represent DMVN. With our strong efforts, we won the Gold Award for the first time. We will continue to try to promote QCC activities effectively towards the best DMVN.


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Silver medal in Worldskill Competition

Silver medal in Worldskill Competition
At this competition, DENSO Vietnam’s candidates represent Vietnam to compete in 02 skills: CNC Milling & CNC Turning.
During 4 days of extremely intense competition from August 23 to August 26, 2019, DENSO Vietnam's competitor Truong The Dieu won silver medal at CNC Milling.
Besides, competitor Phan Van Quoc - CNC Turning is also honored to win excellent certificate and the pride namely Best of nation.
The 45th World Skills Competition in Kazan – Russia was recognized as the most advanced organization in the world, with the number of organizational and contestant occupations, meaning an increase in the level of difficulty and fierce competition. This medal is the first silver medal that the Vietnamese delegation has received since the first time they took part in the World Skills Competition in 2007. The achievement at CNC Milling is an outstanding achievement, only behind China, and on a par with the two countries of Korea and Japan. Thailand ranked third with bronze medal achievements.


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Set up Solar energy Panel 4.2020

Follow from Energy saving activity of Denso global, In FY-2019 DMVN installs Solar panel system (From Aug.2019- Apr.2020),Total capacity 2MW,Estimate Energy Saving 2,246,727 kWh /Year ~ Cost Saving 170,000 USD/year , Reduction CO2:1,022 Kg/Year.

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Green Energy Awards

Hanoi's Green Energy Award has started since 2017. This is the first time that DMVN honor to achieve 5-star “Green Energy Award for Hanoi City” on 5th Dec,2020 by Hanoi People Committee. This prize encourage:
Promotion energy saving activity for all company of HA NOI capital.
Award titles to companies that have a lot of good idea for high efficiency and energy saving.
Introducing companies that have been honored on TV.