Career in DENSO

The better manufacturing is from the better human resource development.

Human Resources Philosophy

Promoting Individual Potential and Team Collaboration

DENSO provides a working environment where ambitious individuals grow and teamwork drives success. We invest in our people because our success depends on their personal and professional development. We are committed to growing each employee while nurturing both individual and team capabilities. We seek to put people first, encourage participative decision making by all members, foster collaborative teamwork and support career development.

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Evaluating system that Values People

DENSO values people and believes in the fair treatment of all individuals across the globe. We believe diverse people and opinions help ensure our long-term success. We're commited to ensuring job stability, even during difficult times, and fostering long-term employment across our workforce.

Participative Management by all members

Sharing company and organizational policies and goals with all employees to help them understand their roles

Support for Career Development

No matter where you are in your career, we have challenging experiences, group training and rotation opportunities to help you advance forward as a leader or expert in your field.


We encourage activities in which we can speak openly and freely inside and outside the company in a varierty of venues.

Human Resources Development at DENSO

Brighten Your Professional Future

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We believe that monozukuri is hitozukuri: we are cabale of greater things when we focus on the development of our employees. To ensure continuous improvement and technological breakthroughs, we listen and learn from our people to set high aspirations and take on new challenges to grow.
The foundation of DENSO's human resource development is growth through work. We believe taking on challenges at work is the best opportunity for growth, and we encourage long-term growth by providing higher levels of work to motivated individuals. We also believe continous feedback and coaching is critical to growth. We have a number of extensive training programs designed to provide employees with knowledge, skills, and experience that cannot be learned through work alone.

DENSO Development Programs

Global Opportunities

DENSO is a global company and employer. We offer the opportunity to work on diverse projects spanning across our international network including more than 200 group companies and technical centers in 35 countries and regions.

Leadership Development Program

Professional development sessions focused on organizational innovation, business missions, and global business strategies by world-class instructors

Human Resources Development Program

Opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills no matter where you are in your career.