Sep. 26, 2023

With the envisions where people can live more actively by developing technologies to solve future issues. DENSO Corporation is striving to further diverse values and a sense of well-being for humanity by connecting and comprehensively controlling the “5 flows” (Flow of data, Free movement of people, Flow of goods, energy utilization and minimization of resource requirement),“ Flow of data” which underpins the other four flow.


In Vietnam, in the context of the fourth industrial revolution has been taking place strongly on a global scale, the Vietnamese government is also having policies to promote the application of information technology, especially for the manufacturing industry. With a platform of more than 20 operation years, DENSO Vietnam has built for itself a big data/know-hows (analog). So our big problem here is how to reform factories, pioneer in creating the future manufacturing industry, and contribute to the development of Vietnamese society?


Based on 5 flows (Flow of data, Free movement of people, Flow of goods, energy utilization and minimization of resource requirement) - interconnected and synchronized to create a happy society, Hackathon contest called “DENSO Factory Hacks” co-organized by DENSO Vietnam and FPT Corporation with the aim of calling on young people with a passion for technology to come up their ideas to create a future factory with core technologies such as artificial intelligence data,  etc. virtual reality (AR/VR), Internet of Things, cloud computing...

To participate in the contest, contestants need to have basic knowledge or be interested in learning about one of the technology fields: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things.


In the contest, contestants will be given the opportunity to work with leading technology experts from FPT Software and DENSO, and have hands-on and hands-on experience at DENSO Vietnam's manufacturing factory. The contest will be a large-scale and professional playground for human resources as well as students of information technology, electronics and telecommunications, automation, mechatronics in particular, or young people who are passionate about technology and love technology. Likes to be creative in general.


The DENSO Factory Hacks Hackathon takes place from September 5, 2023 to January 10, 2024, including 3 rounds: CV Scan Round, Qualifying Round and Final Round. The 20 teams that pass the CV scanning round will receive exam topics at the first Bootcamp session on October 10. Each team will receive guidance and direct support from an expert advisor, and participate in workshops on data processing and programming of devices. Form of competition in independent teams, with a maximum size of 5 people, not limited to countries and territories.


The top 10 teams competing in the Qualifying Round will be supported with a budget of 5 million VND/team to develop products and solutions. In this round, the level of technological breakthrough and practicality in the business model at the factory are the criteria for selecting the best team. The 5 teams advancing to the final round will spend 2 days working at FPT Software's Codecation Hola Park campus, finding solutions and presenting their projects.


Introduction & Registration (by October 5 2023):