Spark Plug


1. Standard Plugs

The Ground Electrode is designed with U-groove. Increases ignitability without increasing required voltage and allow the good growth of the flame nucleus.

2. Resistor Plugs

Reduces electronic noise during ignition electro-magnetic noise reduction
 -   Insertion of a 5K resistor between the center electrode and the surrounding wall reduces electro-magnetic noise generated during ignition.
-    A majority of assembly plugs have gone to resistor plugs in line with the increasing amount of electronic equipment placed in today's vehicles.

Iridium Power

This is a new generation of high-performance spark plug of DENSO that uses Iridium center electrode that is a mere 0.4 mm in diameter. Increases ignitability, improves acceleration with low required voltage. Specially, longevity can be 100,000 Km