Considering new services from the perspective of the movement of people and things, not as an extension of vehicles

Connected Systems R&D Dept.
Project Manager

Xu Xin, Ph.D.


Q1. Career history

Before joining DENSO in July 2017, I was engaged in research for voice search technology in the development of user interface (UI) and applications for home and mobile devices. I also developed a dialog platform for Android smartphones and tablets, and a game app using speech dialog technology. In addition to my development experience, I supported the entry of overseas startups into the Japanese market and was involved in internet of things (IoT)- and artificial intelligence (AI)-related businesses, such as wireless power supply systems.

Q2. Current work

I joined DENSO because of my interest in cars and my desire to contribute to projects that lead the world. As a MaaS Project member, I design basic architecture, develop processes, new services and businesses, and contribute to the creation of an ecosystem. I anticipate what new services and solutions we can produce with vehicles that are electrified, automated and cloud connected. Reliable communications technology is critical to connected vehicles. UI and user experience (UX), which are points of interaction between humans and machines, are essential elements. By leveraging my personal connections, I actively seek and build partnerships with IT companies and startups inside and outside of Japan. I believe that by considering how to make the movement of people and things more expansive and efficient, rather than as simply an extension of vehicles, we can solve social problems like traffic congestion, energy consumption and an aging population.

Q3. DENSO’s characteristics

DENSO has many attributes, but two stand out for me. The first is that DENSO supports professional growth. Our engineers specialize in diverse fields - from car materials to semiconductors to AI algorithms - and I have ongoing opportunities to learn from those around me. DENSO also is a global leader working on a global scale, doing business with all major vehicle manufacturers, crossing the boundaries of vehicle types. Just two months after joining the company, I had the opportunity to travel abroad and, more remarkably, alone! The more channels we have with countries around the world, the more widely we can deliver the products and services that our team has developed. I look forward to playing an increasingly more active role.